Monday, June 20, 2016

Mindset of Alienation

Why do so-called black people despise themselves? What are the factors that contribute to this innate self-loathing by this Earth family of people? Strangers feel contempt for strangers. Eyes of apprehension crawl out of the sockets looking hither and thither for something to behave foolishly about. Every hand is against their neighbor to keep them flush inside the pit. And those who have managed to elevate themselves, their friends and strangers go to great lengths to drag them back in.

Where does this scorn of self, comes from? Is it rooted in history or is it a genetic imprint in so-called black people? This is not a local phenomenon as evidenced by the way that Africans slaughter and maim themselves relentlessly. This evidence argues that this self-hatred is global in context. This evidence reveals that there is something very wrong with the mentality of so-called black people in regard to how they view and interact with one another.

For many generations during modern history, one group of people preached that so-called black people are more animal than human. This may be an erroneous assumption held by that group of people. But why do the vast majority of so-called black people behave in a way that gives validity to that assumption? Why are so-called black people their own worst enemy? Why do they not have respect for themselves and for others? Why do they zest to trample down any and everything that they come in contact with?

If memory serves, these same so-called black people created great nations all over the Earth thousands of years ago. They were a people to be proud of. They built, created, and invented. They jump-started humanity into what is now referred to as civilization. What happened? How did this people fall apart to become the lowest of the human families on Earth today? And why do they do everything possible to maintain this low state of being?

So-called black people must learn to revere and honor themselves before they can expect other groups of people to respect them. They look with mean eyes at one another. They wake up slithering in a bowl of foolishness. They maintain the day in stupidity. They roam the night in idiocy. And they sleep in absurdity. Twenty-four seven they reside in foolhardiness and cleave to be the absolute center of a very bad attraction.

Saying that the vast majority of so-called black people act like animals is very insulting to the animal families. Animals act their nature and instincts. Human beings supposedly reside in a higher level of consciousness. So to compare the reckless, thoughtless, senselessness of one of the Earth’s human family members as behaving like an animal is not a practical assessment because of this different level of being.

Jealousy, envy, backstabbing, rumor milling and such like disagreeable personality peculiarities are common to all humans. However, so-called black people carry these not so noteworthy traits ruinously deep within the murky depths of human corruptions. A depraved gene as transformed the once great into the pathetic three-fifths human debauchery of today. During slavery in the United States of America, so-called black people were legislatively defined as being three-fifths of a white person.

Something drastic happened that caused so-called black people to lapse into antipathy of self some thousands of years ago. Perhaps it was a dark, gloomy, threatening cosmic cloud burst that nose-dived upon these people rendering the vast majority of them devoid of good sense and their nature of humanity laughable. Perhaps not. This is a silly mystery that needs to be explored, if for no other reason than to study the consequences of irrational behavior.

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