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A Layman’s Viewpoints On the Ongoing Earth Age Debates and Addressing the Unappreciated Brilliance of Chava

A popular debate conducted by evolutionists and creationists is the matter of how old is time and matter. The evolutionists subscribe the age of time and matter as being in the billions of years old range, whereas, the creationists subscribe to an age range of time and matter of only being thousands of years. Being a layperson I cannot contribute anything to this debate on an academic or Biblical scholarly level but I do have a personal opinion on the topic.

My amateur observations concerning the debate over the age of time and matter are that both sides of this debate, evolutionists, and creationists, are conducting their arguments from questionable platforms. The platform that the evolutionists are using to measure the age of time and matter is scientific data that is based on a lot of assumptions that changes from month to month and year to year as new observations, discoveries, and insights on existing data surfaces.

The creationists use only a single platform to submit their arguments concerning the age of time and matter, and that is the Christian Bible. The platform of the Bible is a platform of faith that has no data outside of the Bible to corroborate the validity of the data that is written within its pages. This lack of extra-biblical data is problematic for creationists because an argument that is founded on faith leaves very little room for rational discussion to be undertaken.

I do not profess to be one of those know-it-alls, therefore, I am not attempting to prove nor persuade anyone of anything. What I am submitting is only my personal opinions on a topic that slightly interest me. I say that the debate of whether time and matter is billions or thousands of years old is of marginal interest to me because a determined and single-minded small group of a self-fashioned crème de la crème of the human crust are waging a fierce war for world domination that will probably result in human extinction and will render all scholarly and religious questions concerning everything mute.

My focus is going to be on the creationist aspect of this age debate because I can openly voice my opinions without the lofty credentials of a university degree to make a point. This is because the creationist aspect of the question as to whether the age of time and matter is billions, millions, or thousands of years old is predicated on belief and faith more so than on provable facts.

This is not saying that the evolutionists model is a bastion of proven facts because this model has gaping holes all throughout it, to the extent that a large portion of its theories and suppositions intoxicatingly straddles the fence of sounding like utter nonsense.

So here we go. The creationists view is that time and matter are six thousand years old, give or take a few hundred years. Creationists base this timeline on the genealogical list submitted in the Bible of a character called Adama (Adam, earth, man).

Adama is supposed to have been formed from the earth, the ground, on the eighth day of creation, however, we do not know if the eighth day of creation is when Adama set his lifecycle clock to ticking. It should be considered that the concept of time has no relevance beyond the finite mortal and that on the eighth day of creation Adama was in an immortal state of being.

Let us assume that the concept of time did not begin until Adama and Chava (Hawwah, Eve) were ejected from the garden of Eden and were now aware that they had plummeted to a mortal (liable to die) state of being. Even at this point, I still cannot see where it would have mattered to Adama and Chava how old they were.

However, I can see that when many years had passed and Chava and Adama start noticing subtle changes in their bodies and their energy levels time and aging begin to take on a new awareness and focus on them.

But who started this countdown by noting individual ages at death in the genealogical lists of Adama? We also should consider that this genealogical list of the first humans is missing a vital component and that is the corresponding genealogical list of Chava (Eve, Hawwah). We know from the Biblical record that Chava gave birth to this son and then to that son but we do not know the list of her daughters and how long each one of them lived.

It is only a guess, but if the modern trend of women outliving men by such and such many years was also true during this time, then a genealogical listing of Chava’s daughters would inevitably push the age of time and matter back to whatever count that turns out to be, and given the length of life at that time, we can expect this number to be a few thousand additional years in our creation timeline.

We do not know how long Adama lived without human companionship in the garden of Eden, and we do not know how long Chava and Adama lived as a couple in the garden of Eden before YHWH told them both to pack their fig leaves and get the hell out.

This period of time that Chava and Adama lived in the garden of Eden, either separately and together, by itself could have been hundreds to thousands of years thus increasing our timeline of the age of time and matter by those amounts.

There is also the consideration of exactly how long a day was during that time. The six-day creation model stipulates a day as being a twenty-four-hour period of time. Could it be that Chava’s and Adama’s twenty-four-hour period was not the same as it is now? It takes the planet Earth 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.0916 seconds to make a complete turn on its axis, which equals one sidereal day. The Earth is also orbiting around the Sun as it is spinning on its axis.

A complete Earth orbit of the Sun takes 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds. The Earth’s orbit around the Sun and its spinning on its axis must stay in sync in order for the Sun to appear in the sky in the same place each day, which is a technique that the Earth accomplishes with an extra turn on its axis of about 4 minutes, which equals a solar day.

What does all that mean? This means that there are no absolutes but many variables that may increase and decrease the length of a day, such as the fact that Earth is wobbling like a top, the tidal interactions of the moon, the tectonic plates being shoved around by earthquakes, and that the makeup and the boundaries of the oceans and the surface landmass was drastically different in Chava’s time than they are now, which may or may not have caused a certain amount of drag or push on the Earth’s spin, and so on.

In other words, our 24-hour solar day and Chava’s 24-hour solar day may be many minutes to even hours apart. And this is assuming that Adama’s and Chava’s solar day was 24 hours like ours today.

There also has to be some significance to the fact that the Bible uses the descriptors evening and morning to denote the time range that the author of Genesis considered as being a day in describing creation. According to the Hebrew calendar, a 24-hour day is subdivided into two equal parts with evening beginning at sunset and ending at sunrise and morning beginning at sunrise and ending at sunset.

Morning is further subdivided into two equal parts with “first evening” beginning at noon in the morning and “second evening” beginning at sunset of the evening. The evening sacrifice was held at 3 pm in the morning and designated as being between the evenings.

If this sounds confusing imagine how confusing it must have been for the author of Genesis to accurately calculate the ages of individuals hundreds of years after the fact. It should also be noted that in the genealogy of Adama no birth dates are given, only the number of years that the person lived.

Without a definitive date of birth given for any member of Adama’s family tree the timeline that the six-day creation is based upon (Adama’s genealogy) is hanging in limbo without a point of origin to accurately calculate from.

Fortunately, while still in the garden of Eden, Hawwah and Adama did not have to concern themselves with how many hours there was in a day because at that time they were still beings of light and radiated their brightness throughout their environment. All of this is mere speculation on my part attempting to make a smidgen of sense of what seems at first glance to be a fairytale.

Perhaps some time in the near future a lucky archeologist will stumble over a document that is handwritten by Chava herself with teachings from her that will tell us everything that we need to know to make an earth-life centered go of it.

An awesome find such as this actually happening also sounds like a fairytale but it is not beyond the realm of probability as YWHW did not create ignoramuses but highly intelligent beings that were in many ways far more advanced than we think that we are today.

Six-day creationists interpret the Bible literally. A day is 24 hours no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. They box and confine the creator in a time lock without any room to maneuver. The Six-day creationists don’t take into account that our physical dimension is a conglomeration of many dimensional spheres where time and space are interchangeable between nodes. The Six-day creationists also base their timeline on the age of time and matter solely on the lineage of Adama and completely ignore the most critical one, that of Chava.

However, this omission of the daughter to daughter lineage of the breath of human terrestrial life (Chava, Eve, Hawwah) is not the fault of the creationists as the writers of the Bible made this fatal error in judgment.

Chava (Eve, Hawwah) and not Adama is the nuts and bolts of the creation story and without that full accounting of her, we are exactly where we are today, left with a huge piece of the story of life missing. Now you may have noticed that I have not used any Biblical scriptures in this presentation, and that is because this is not an argument and I am not attempting to prove or disprove anything. What I am submitting is merely my personal opinions of how I feel on this topic today.

There are certain things that one should be an immovable object concerning such as, honesty, integrity, love, faithfulness, and so on, but I do not believe that seeking knowledge and understanding is one of the attributes that a person can afford to be obstinate about.

Today these are my opinions concerning the age of time and matter and tomorrow some of these opinions may have been modified as I continue to study and ask questions gaining new insights in the process. When I was in my early teens I saw a vehicle hover close to the ground. This vehicle appeared out of thin air, hovered for a few seconds and then vanished.

In the windows of this vehicle, I saw the silhouettes of humanoid looking beings. They were all motionless and looking straight ahead. From my point of reference this entire incident only lasted a few seconds, but for the beings inside of this vehicle, they may have been stuck in transit at that junction for hours or days.

A day is only a fixed measurement from the one who is experiencing its point of reference. Twenty-four hours to me may only be a nanosecond to someone else, and conversely, a nanosecond to me may be a thousand years in another point or frame of reference, existence, being, consciousness, or particle motion. Unlocking the mysteries of Chava (Hawwah, Eve) will unlock a new threshold of knowledge and spiritual growth.

Seeking and building a firm conscious connection with Eve (Chava, Hawwah) will dissolve the foundations of this ill moral and planetary destructive material age and bring back the beauty and harmony of the Earth when Hawwah (Eve, Chava) ruled in the garden of Eden.

The tradition is to bad-mouth Chava (Hawwah, Eve) for the fall from splendor because she was the so-called weaker vessel. Hawwah knew exactly what she was doing when she found it to be a reasonable idea to move to a higher level of existence, it was Adama who was content to count goats and sheep and live without learning and knowing anything.

And by the way, Chava did not come from Adama it was Adama that came from Eve. It should also be noted that Hawwah is very mad and will demolish all those that have been making the lives of her children miserable this Earth age.

A billion years or a thousand years, in the cosmic scheme of things what does it really matter, for I am here this instant and as dead as a broken doorbell the next. The universal principle is NOW. In the NOW all things came into existence.

The NOW sustains itself and all of the forms and substances that resides and consist of it. The NOW is Chava as she cultivates the living with magnificent and majestic rays of dazzling translucent crystal fire.

In the NOW the many physical realities burst into the NOW and spread like pollen from flower to flower throughout the mirrors of dimensions. So what does a billion or a thousand years really have to do with me and you for we are the offspring of Chava (Hawwah, Eve) who placed the NOW to her breasts and suckled it into wondrous varieties of refreshments?

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