Saturday, November 26, 2016

Commercializing Hybrid Children

For the past number of decades, the commercial marketing trend has been the commercializing of hybrid children in their ads. This is to say that if there is a so-called black male or female or couple in the ad there is usually a hybrid child associated with them.

This may look innocent enough at first glance until you look deeper into the embedded message that it conveys to darker skinned children and even dark-skinned adults. This camouflaged message is saying that acceptance and beauty are in the eyes of the beholder and that the beholder of reference and relevance is white.

This tactic of persona defacing and degrading has been employed in a relentless campaign of psychological warfare against dark skinned people for a millennium and there is no end to it in sight. Even in parts of the Far East, darker skinned individuals are looked down upon by their lighter skinned counterparts.

This grouping of people by the color and shades of their skin did not have the negative connotations now associated with it until Europeans came on the world scene, and now it is the status quo of people’s comparative and judgmental thinking about other peoples throughout the world.

Front facing hybrid children in television commercials is a slap in the face of all peoples of a darker skin complexion. It is a subtle way of reminding dark skinned people that they are conquered and subservient to the current rulers of this world. Highlighting the highlights is within the same sphere of character defacing as the want and the need to portray so-called black people as clowns and fools as much as possible in television and radio advertisements.

Nothing has changed in the character assassination endeavor of dark skinned peoples by the world rulers and their minions from century to century using every available form of media to execute it.

So what can so-called black people in the United States do about this relentless affront to their very essence by products and services advertisers? Not a thing because we as a group do not manufacture and own anything that will give us the clout to speak for ourselves. Those of us who are riding on the tail end of the fat white cow do not invest in our own people and many of them squander their money on nonsense.

Someone once said that “A fool and his or her money is soon departed,” and it is also true that good fortune without discipline, purpose, reachable goals, insight, foresight, industriousness, unselfishness, and common sense are liked to placing your assets into a trash can, dousing it with a combustible, and flaming it out.

The rule of thumb is that a person is what he or she believe that they are and if a person has another person or other people's defining them, especially people who hate and fear them, then their definition of themselves will be that of others definition of them. A candle that has been blown out can be lit again but a candle that refuses to ignite is only good for the trash heap. A loud voice gets a certain amount of attention but a clever and creative mind build towers to the heavens out of scope and vision and mud bricks.

Hybrid children may be functional and visually appealing to some but a hybrid anything is a corruption of substance and form, and regardless of how it may look, a biological hybrid carries the dominant gene pool, which just happens to be that of darker skinned people.

Outer beauty is a perception has no relevance when human dignity is placed beside it. Aging or an accident will transform human physical features seemingly overnight. And people who permit themselves to be psychologically controlled by other people are in a no-win battle to gain stateliness, self-respect, self-worth, self-esteem, nor any such constructive attributes that make a human being human.

OK, so you like those advertisements and you do not see the big deal in having people make fun of you in your face. To each is his and her own. Generation after generation lay the dry bones of the fallen and there is none to call upon that will fit them back together because the dry bones are content to remain enslaved in their thinking and scattered into disjointed pieces.

Help is only an advantage to those who want to help themselves, but to those that only want to sob and weep all over themselves and look to others for what they can and should be doing for themselves, there is no entity in all the heavens that gives a mind about them. The meek will inherit a continuous kick in the buttocks while the strong will gallantly produce fabulous and lavish lives for themselves and their own.

It's human nature to want to be accepted by other people but when the price for that acceptance entails abdicating your individual and collective humanity then the cost of that acceptance is significantly too high. A person impresses other people by being their very best person and not by making their behavior consistent with the stereotypes that they are expected and even told to administer. But what can one say about this except that the ruler dictates the rules that everyone else is expected to abide by? And unfortunately, so it is.

A lighter complexion and stringy hair do not equate to perfection, though this is the doctrine that white society propagates. A lighter complexion and stringy hair do not equate to imperfection either as some who are offended by certain societal standards will hatefully interject. A lighter complexion and stringy hair simply mean that that person has a lighter complexion and stringy hair.

As far as it is presently known, human beings are the only species of its kind in the entire universe and we spend so much time and effort grouping and finding reasons to despise ourselves. If a more advanced humanoid species does exist out there it would probably be very heartbreaking for us humans to know just what they think of us as they monitor our self-hatred and our indifference to our glorious and life-sustaining blue and white orb.

What do an idiot and a hiccup have in common? They are both the product of a person. And what does mind over matter have to do with self-esteem and self-worth? The way that a person thinks dictates what matters to her or him. What seems harmless can be very devastating when placed in the wrong hands and a mind that is brainwashed is useless to its owner and dangerous to others. The golden spoons in hands look upon others as simpletons and children that they must use and manage until a fit time that the vast majority of them are to be systematically annihilated.

Once upon a time a mule deer decided to mate with a Billy goat and the hybrid that was produced made a mockery out of both originals. Now a story is told that some thousands of years ago a Power destroyed every living human being except for a hand full of people because humanity was irreparably philosophically and physiologically infested with hybrids and homosexuals and was heavily engaged in tampering with and mingling human and animal genetics. But nothing is new pertaining to what modern humans conceive as being new, as all human endeavors have transpired before with the exact same disastrous results that are looming before this present age.

The lone wolfs are howling in the wilderness but no one is listening to them. No one wants to be budged from their comfort zones and so they allow the mischievous to have complete sway over them. Buy and sell for tomorrow we all die and our ever being and our final ending will not even be a footnote in the cosmic histories of dimensions, spheres, and living entities.

The handwriting is not on the wall, it is engrafted within our very essence as a here today, gone today cosmic species. The record of humanoids on the planet Earth has been one of obtaining a certain level of achievements followed by a full-blown self-implosion.

The planet Earth truly wants to give birth to a delicious woman-child and man-child, beings that it can show off to the rest of consciousness’s and realities, but alas, woman, and man has fallen time and again because they always break the link to their spiritual heritage and become corrupted by materialism and high-mindedness.

I am better than you are because I am this and it does not even matter to me that aging and the grave is a communal fit. And when a certain group of people was given their marching orders they were explicitly told to annihilate every hybrid and sexual pervert that came into their path.

The rulers of today’s world are the wastewaters of tomorrow’s world. The rulers of today’s world have beaten the spirits of the Earth’s human family down to such an extent that many people long for an end to this world age even if it means death by billions to bring in a new reality. It is told that someone said, “Let there be Light!”, and it was so, but many have interpreted this to mean that someone said, “Let there be White,” and for the moment this is so.

But out of the darkness came the light and the light is the darkness that sustains it. In the beginning, a bravura blackness was the crown and glory of the Ever Live and then with a bang many shades and colors spring from the dynamisms of this blackness and became substances, energies, and matter.

And so it is even to this day, whether the powers that be want to accept it or not, true realities cannot be changed and the resurrection of the currently dead will usher in a new zenith to Earth life and cosmic fulfillment.

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