Friday, November 25, 2016

Looking for a Certain Person

There is a certain person who does not know when to leave well enough alone. You would think that a person would learn from experience but this certain person experiences and then do the same thing over again. It is not that this certain person is a glutton for punishment, it is just that this certain person is a weak-minded people pleaser among the repertoire of faults clinging to this certain person like they are sealed with super glue.

Life has no fury like a wobbling snowflake that goes in any direction that the slightest wind blows it. But what is this that has a snowflake for a heart and a dust bucket for a brain? Is it not this certain person who goes to bed without sleeping and moves throughout the day without being awake?

The pencil is broken over the head of the school teacher and the last person on earth is unanimously voted as being the person most likely to not succeed. The Duck-billed platypus does not know and could care even less, that it has just polished off the very last of the foodstuffs that the last person on earth had to eat and that in the murky depths the waters are still too poisonous for sea creatures to feed.

What makes a person a person? Is it the person’s physical physique that makes a person a human being, or is it the way that a person thinks that gives a person a unique distinction? Could it be a combination of the mind and the body that makes a person a person, or is it not any one of those two factors that make a person a human being?

So, why does a theoretically intelligent person jump into a hole where he or she know that they do not belong and instead of climbing out of it they diligently dig themselves deeper and deeper into it? What is the nature of this type of personality that wants and strives for good but always produces a halfhearted hiccup?

There is a certain person who looks forward but walks backward and who knows better but keep making the same mistakes. Many people that this certain person has known have died over the years but this certain person is still alive? Why is this? Why do the flames burn out and the flicker is still lit? The sea monster stays hidden because it knows that there are creatures afloat that will kill it just for the sake of killing it, and the gateway stays hidden because a certain person always flip-flops at the entrance.

A certain person wants to take a seat on the pity pot but the pity pot moves whenever this certain person tries to sit on it. What is this type of person that cannot even find a friend in woe as me? And why do the dead continue to live and the living continue to die? The cream of the crop got ran over by a dump truck, and the teacher’s pet got bit on the neck by a part-time vampire. So why do some people touch and produce something and other people touch and produce nothing?

There is a certain person who believed in the survival of the fittest and a mosquito bit that certain person who then became extremely sick. Some people are excellent at making friends while others wobble like a windblown snowflake when it comes to making friendships. And what good is there in being born if being born means living in a hollow shell that does not even have an echo to prove that it is there?

There is a certain person who looked for a certain person but could not find that certain person no matter how thorough the search was conducted, and then on a certain day death brought an end to the searching as a certain person said hello and goodbye to the grave. So, who will weep for a certain person who is not deserving of a single tear, but as the crow flies, so does the wind blows into dry eyes, invigorating days, and restful nights.

The wicked will inherit the earth, or at least what is left of the earth when the wicked have finished their work, and soon afterward the wicked will die off thus bringing to a justified end the insolent story of humanity on the planet Earth. The night will pass into the day and the Sun is shining brightly. The end of humanity on the planet Earth was yesterday, and today all the Earth’s other inhabitants that are still alive are going about their business as usual as the planet begin the cleansing and rejuvenating processes that will erase every trace of humanity from its form and right itself of all human wrongs.

There is a certain person who reaches for the Stars and after getting extremely close to them this certain person consistently falls apart, transforming lights into shadows and making of no effect the goals strived for. The last will be last and the first will be extinguished when true wisdom and understanding sweeps over the face of the world, and those who are and those who were will know that human knowledge and intelligence is an empty bucket within the vastness of the universe.

There is a certain person who is diligently looking for something and can never find it because that certain person is looking for that something within him or herself that is moved by this and swayed by that causing that certain person to rummage in circles. But the draw of the last breath is growing closer with every second and without any fanfare a certain person will simply fade away. Hurray.

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