Saturday, November 26, 2016

Side Effects Anyone?

It is common knowledge that if a person is prescribed or purchase an over the counter medication to treat an illness that an average of nine more problematic health symptoms will result from taking that medication. These unwanted results of taking medications are quaintly called side effects. The term side effects sound very congenial and harmless as these two words roll blissfully from the tongue but the implications of those words may be psychologically and physiologically devastating and may even produce death on occasions for the user.

Modern medications are not designed to cure anything as they are developed to facilitate a steady flow of revenue for the manufacturers by causing people to become addicted to them. This is why so many medications have a vast assortment of side effects ingrained in them because the producers sidestep and back-pedal as much as legally possible in getting their medications on the market as soon as they can. Years of in-the-field case studies are skipped in preference to computer simulations to determine the effectiveness of a new medication.

People are often solicited to participate in studies so that medical professionals can determine the usefulness of various medical treatments and medications on selected population groups. Some of these research results are probably used to improve certain medical treatments and medications but I believe that the majority of that data is stored in different databases, especially those that seem to be a cure for an illness and not released for use as long as the current medical treatments and medications remain profitable.

Herbal (all natural) remedies are a popular alternative to conventional medications but from my personal experiences with herbal remedies I can only conclude that the majority, if not all of them that are currently on the market are simply place-a-boo, which is how I used to pronounce the word pla·ce·bo (placebo) until I learned the correct way to pronounce it. And many of these herbal remedies have their own share of side effects.

For example, I purchased an herbal remedy that was being promoted as a sure treatment for overactive bladder (OAB) and after two days of taking this treatment, I had developed an itching rash on both of my lower arms. I stopped taking this herbal remedy and after three days the itching rash was gone from my arms. This was an extreme reaction to this particular herbal remedy, but in other cases and using different brands for such concerns as increasing energy, I could not feel any difference in how I felt before taking the herbal remedy, in other words, the herbal remedies didn’t do a thing except cost me money.

I have also done some personal research on the effectiveness of current HIV and AIDS medications and have come to the conclusion that their usefulness in treating this illness is a very open question. Many people have told me that they physically feel exactly the same before they begin taking the treatment regimen as they do now while on it. Their doctors tell them that their CD4 count has been lowered by taking the prescribed medications and that their T-cells are looking better but as far as they can tell they do not feel any different.

Now I seriously advocate that an HIV and AIDS patient take their prescribed medications as directed. I know that these medications are costly and that they appear to be of no benefit, and certainly, they will not cure a person of HIV and AIDS because they are not designed to, but be on the safe side and take them anyway. There is a cure for HIV and AIDS but it has not been released yet because researchers are still conducting field tests to study the effects of the virus on different ethnic groups and genders outside of controlled clinical environments.

As I mentioned in another article concerning HIV and AIDS medications, HIV and AIDS is a designed bio-genetics weapon built in the United States to kill so-called black people, homosexuals, and drastically reduce the world’s human population. The virus inadvertently got out of a particular lab while it was still under testing and development and have affect people outside of the targeted groups. This is no big deal to the HIV and AIDS developers and researchers because just by accident they now have access to a much broader range of diversity in human genie pigs to tweak the effects of the weapon.

When people inform others that HIV and AIDS are a cocktail of many bio-genetics weapons that the United States of America are developing, and have been developing for decades to deploy against its own people, they do not want to believe that their government could be that sinister, but the evidence of this is well documented and Dr. Robert Gallo even admits that he created HIV and AIDS to depopulate the world. Read: This is The Man Who Created HIV & Aids Virus: Robert Gallo & ‘ADMITS HE CREATED AIDS TO DELIBERATELY DEPOPULATE HUMANITY’.

Whether this Robert Gallo is responsible for the development of HIV and AIDS is anyone’s guess. If he is not, to claim such a cowardly deed is so despicable as to be unworthy of further comments.

Having stated the above I must mention that the accepted belief of when, where, and how HIV originated is:

• When: It is believed that SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus) that attacks the immune systems of monkeys and apes transitioned into HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) around 1920.

• Where: Again around 1920 scientists believed that they traced the transmission of SIV to HIV in humans to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Africa).

• How: By the natives butchering and consuming SIV infected monkey meat.

HIV and AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome)hit the U.S stage of awareness in the 1980s and was commonly referred to as GCS (gay compromise syndrome) because homosexual males transmitted the HIV and AIDS virus across the United States like a blast furnace. Even today homosexual males are the leading spreaders of HIV and AIDS worldwide.

Regardless of any of that, it is well known that the shadow government of the United States have a depot of bio-genetics and other types of weapons at the ready that will be used to exterminate black people and all other deemed undesirables when they feel that the moment is appropriate to launch them starting within the United States first and then annihilating globally.

OK, now that we have that settled, let’s move on.

All medications have a list of side effects that come with them, some are annoying while others are deadly and the secondary effect of a prescribed or over-the-counter drug differs with the individual. Some people build their entire lives around their medications regimen and other people feel that they have a notable status in the amount of medications that they take each day. A drug seller on the streets is arrested and sent to prison while doctors and pharmacist are encouraged by cash and influence to create a tidy reservoir of legal drug addicts.

Side effects anyone? Modern medications and medical techniques have raised the life expectancy of people but these advancements fall far short in assuring a healthy quality of life. People live longer but they are in worry and misery because they have lost a vital element in anyone’s life, their freedom, and independence. The key side effects of medications are seldom listed on the drug packages, which are becoming addicted to the drug and financial broke as a consequence of paying for the drug. But such is life. We are born. We grow old and ugly. Then we die. Side effects anyone?

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