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The origin of the popular Rapture doctrine was originated by a mentally ill woman by the name of Margaret McDonnell who was born in Port Glasgow, Scotland in 1815 and died in 1840. At this time, many preachers in Scotland believed that the world’s problems could be effectively addressed by the use of supernatural gifts from the Holy Spirit.

As one evidence of a person’s legitimacy to having possession of these supernatural gifts, Isabella and Mary Campbell, popularized such gifts of the Holy Spirit as the speaking in tongues while at the parish of Rosneath.

Preachers and laypeople leaped at the signs displayed by these charismatic experiences, even as some denounced them as being demonic. Nonetheless, from Scotland, the rapture doctrine and the speaking in tongues spread throughout the Christian world where they have become solidly rooted in religious doctrine and teaching.

Around 1830 Margaret McDonnell was supposedly cured of her mental illness by a miraculous healing performed on her by her brother James Campbell.

There are many so-called Christians who base their entire life upon a wishful expectation that they will be miraculously whooshed into thin air and kept snug and safe as the rest of the inhabitants of the earth undergo tremendous distress at the hands of a character called the Antichrist. Many of these believers of a “flying away” are so confident in this belief that they have become as dead wood in the affairs of society.

These devotees of the rapture make no effort to address social and governmental issues that are contrary to their Christian beliefs because the hope of being rescued in the nick of time has turned them into sheep awaiting their shepherd while wolfs are slowly eating away at them.

This is not a criticism of the rapture believers because each woman and man are the stewards of his and her life and belief systems. I was raised in churches that preached the rapture doctrine and for a long time I just accepted what I was being taught as fact.

When you hear and read of all the horrors that will befall humanity expressed in the Bible book of Revelation during the end times the fight and flight instinct naturally kicks in. The warrior wants to stand and fight side by side with Yeshua while the not so animated wants to run and hide in the heat of battle.

Here is some evidence against any type of rapture: The children of God were not raptured to safety when the Assyrians smashed the Northern Kingdom of Israel nor when the Babylonians crushed the Southern Kingdom of Judah and destroyed the temple. Nor were there a rapture during the hundreds of years that the dispersed were viciously persecuted in Western Europe culminating with the extreme measure of racial purification conducted by the Nazi’s during World War Two, and an equally as deadly pruning program conducted by the Russians under Stalin during and after the war.

Noah and Lot were given warning of judgments to come but it was their choice as to whether they heeded these warnings or not and were not whizzed away simply because they were believers. Nor were black believers swished into the air when white mobs in the United States dragged and beat them in the streets then hung them in trees or on poles and set fire to them and then mutilated their bodies, or just left them hanging in the trees for the birds.

Even today in countries around the world Christian believers are not caught up into the clouds to save them from the persecution that they endure daily, and to many of them, they are already experiencing a great tribulation period.

It is written that one should put on the whole armor of God to defend oneself against attacks and to go on the offensive against the enemies of Truth. The key weapon in this armament being the Word of God that is like a two-edged sword slashing and cutting the hell out of wickedness and disobedience.

If it were not intended that the children of Truth should stand and fight, then this armor would not have been given them as it would be expected of them to run like Jack Rabbits into the mist whenever trouble comes near them. The Christians of ancient Rome were not zipped away when they were being used as torches to light the streets, burned at the stake, or placed into the arena to be killed by gladiators and wild animals.

There is a smugness about so-called Christians when they speak of being caught up to meet the lord in the air. You can see it in their self-righteous faces and that holier-than-thou gleam in their eyes that is insulting and prideful. Everyone one wants to be and everyone claims to be the chosen people that have brownie points with God that no one else has.

Some of these self-proclaimed chosen people of God feel that this give them the right to steal other people’s land and call it their own, while other would be chosen people of God feel that their well-being is placed on a higher level of God’s concerns than all other people.

If Michael and his army are expected to fight Satan and his angels why should it not be likewise expected that believers on Earth should stand and fight with them against the enemies of God and Creation during the days of great tribulation? If I should be physically alive when this time comes, I plead that I will have the courage to be with the ones who stand and fight in the Army of God and not with the ones who tuck their tails between their legs and hope to be swished away to safety until the battles are over.

People who have not had to struggle and fight for freedom or want the peace of mind to be able to walk down a street in the United States without being shot and killed by the police do not appreciate the physical and spiritual warfare that this age is engulfed in. They look forward to being zoomed into the mesosphere in the twinkling of an eye and kept safe while others below fight for their personal freedoms and lives.

As it is, many Christians truly believe that the meek will inherit the earth, and they will, but the meek that this bible verse is referring to are not deserters cowering behind a cloud while others fight and die for them, but those who are humble in spirit, not those lacking in courage.

All of the above arguments aside, the main reason not to believe in a rapture is the simple fact that this character called Jesus only exist within the fables of the Bible. There is an all-consciousness being, but this Jesus is a figment of a lying Jewish/ Catholic imagination that was made up to control the minds of people and justify their criminal acts against others. Those people who are earnestly waiting to be caught up to meet the lord in the air will have to live and die and die and live perpetually only to have their faith and hopes never realized.

Now just suppose that the second coming of the lord and the catching away of the saints is true, what does that have to do with so-called Christians? It is quite obvious from the words written in the Bible that this Jesus guy is only concerned for the Ashkenazi who are proclaiming themselves as being the chosen people of god and can give less than a damn about anyone else. It is a great thing to have hope and faith but when these attributes are misplaced it is like spending your hard-earned money on buying lottery tickets every day.

Near death experiences, alien abductions, familiar spirits, channeling, ghostly encounters, episode’s encountered during sleep paralysis, and more, can all be grouped under the paranormal and the paranoid. The root of this hope to be caught up to meet the lord in the air is the fear of death. It is this fear of death that creates believers of all persuasions, thus it is not the great tribulation that Christian believers want to escape, but death.

If death was not a part of life, there would be no place in the human mind for any religion to reside. Being caught up in the twinkling of an eye to meet the lord in the air is the hopeful expectation of escaping physical death.

Wake up sky-gazers for your redemption does not even come close. Physical death is engraft into human Deoxyribonucleic acid. Four hundred thousand follicles of death are formed in a woman’s Ovary at the instant one of a woman’s follicles becomes fertilized into a female embryo. The celestial joke is on all of us mortals as we comfort ourselves with some type of vague hereafter and living in imaginary places called either heaven or hell.

None of the Apostles of the want-to-be Christ were raptured and not one of them died a natural death so the story goes. People are digging holes in the ground and storing food and water for the anticipated horrors to come. These people are not looking for a rapture in the clouds but one that comes in the form of tunnels.

The so-called elites are moving the nations of the world towards a third World War and creating their own forms of rapture that they hope will keep them safe as the less privileged disintegrate.

The wages of faith are not accomplishing anything, so I will have faith that this police will not shoot me as he takes out his gun, aims, and pulls the trigger. The Joan of Arc was a woman of tremendous courage and faith but that fellow Jesus did not see fit to even rapture her when lit torches were placed at her feet.

There are those so-called Christians who will cite the incident of the three Jewish boys tossed into the fiery furnace as evidence that the lord will rescue his own, however, this is not evidence of anything because there is not a single fragment of a clay tablet written in any type of script that corroborates this Biblical incident.

Nonetheless, everyone must use what they have to make it through the day and give them hope for the next day. So, if a rapture is your hope then go all out for it because a small ray of hope is much better than no hope at all. Personally, I hope that this guy Jesus really does exist and is returning very soon to bring an end to the horrendous suffering of the planet Earth, its plants and animals, and its people.

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