Friday, April 3, 2020

The Anxiety of the Unknown

The fear of death is useless anxiety but can be understood if placed in the context of the fear of the unknown. Life is the only experience the so-called living knows, and death is as unfamiliar as living without aging. Death may well be a much more rewarding experience than life, but there are very few people who want to find out.

Under the suffocating influences of Western culture, most of the peoples of the world are as dead as the concept of death can get. Yet those same peoples fear the transition into a state that they already exist.

Some want death, but the anxiety of the unknown is a cause of much concern for them, causing them to waver between what they want and that which they fear. You feel trapped within a question mark that has no rational form when you hear a sound that you do not at once recognize.

The beating of your heart in the stillness of the night becomes a vivid awareness of how fragile life is. If you are lying in bed, fear causes you to get up, when only moments before you thought of the serenity and tranquility of transitioning into forever during sleep.

With a lack of enthusiasm, you take your medications because you want to live with as little suffering, hospital and doctor bills as possible. You think of the people whom you knew who have transitioned beyond your realm of consciousness, and you think of how death is only one step from the last.

Nothing mystical or magical has happened to them as they have merely continued a journey having many layers of consciousness.

I knew someone who would cry while telling me that they did not want to die. The fear of death became of no value as sickness and the loss of people they knew, one by one, made the continuance of life undesirable to them.

How can you grieve the end of someone's suffering? How can you mourn for someone who has taken the next step on their journey? The fear of death is useless anxiety because the living is as dead as death can get, thinking that they are alive when they are not.

The Western culture has produced a world populated by the animated dead. Fabricating people that are stimulation in motion, that laughs, that sings, that dance, that talk, that go to work, that breathe, all the while producing nothing that infinity can account for as being anything of significance.

The Anxiety of the Unknown is as natural as using the toilet and cannot be flushed away by denial and dreaming. So, I comfort myself by making peace with that which is impossible to know until I take that next step and walk into it.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Alive and Deadly

HIV has not gone away. This virus is still very much alive and is just as deadly. According to, "An estimated 40,000 new infections will be diagnosed this year in the United States (US)2.

Approximately 1.1 million individuals are at risk of sexually acquired HIV." You can view the entire article at descovyhcp.

According to, "In 2018, around 770 000 [570 000–1.1 million] people died from AIDS-related illnesses worldwide, compared to 1.7 million [1.3 million–2.4 million] in 2004 and 1.2 million [860 000–1.6 million] in 2010." Young women aged 15–24 years are twice as likely to be living with HIV than men" also, tuberculosis remains the leading cause of death among people living with HIV, accounting for around one in three AIDS-related deaths. You can read the entire report at

So, what do these statistics mean to me, and what do they mean to you? These statistics show a life destroyer is still lurking and will take advantage of our lack of discretion. The psychological effects of living with HIV can cause a person to lose interest in life and compassion for others. Despite the use of antiretroviral therapy living with HIV can give you a feeling of helplessness. You want so much to say something to her, you want so much to say something to him, but your illness prevents it.

HIV has not gone away. It still kills. Only, quietly now like so many other diseases moved from the media spotlight. Protect yourself and others. Respect yourself and others. Be mindful that you are the world, and all its peoples are within you, so love them by not deliberately harming them.

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Willful Sickness

How sick do some elements want to be? When they see a black panther before their eyes, nevertheless, they willfully perceive it as being a white pig. To what extent are some willing to lie to themselves? Their vision of the Universe is only a product of their mind. Their reality is only an illusion that they have erroneously produced which gives them a false sense of superiority over human beings.

How sick do some elements want to be? Why should human beings care if the counterfeits of the natural choice are to live in a lie? A torrent of lies that they have created, which are systematically falling apart at the seams, and there is nothing that they can do to prevent it from colliding with facts and reality.

Genetic anomalies have brought nothing but conflicts and sorrows to the Earth and all it’s many life forms. Not being satisfied with ruining the Earth, they reach for the Stars to spoil them as well. Biological deviants have transformed the Earth into a cemetery populated by the animated dead because there is no transcendent life within them, so they want to kill human beings who do have life within themselves.

I saw the diadem of perfectly harmonious impeccable order atop Dark Radiance head with the points of departures and the points of beginnings being the foundations for her feet. The pneuma emanating from Flawless Brilliance's golden-brown eyes melted away the light into a bountiful blackness that shines brighter than the mortal mind can conceive.

How sick do some human beings want to be as they happily wallow within the warped paradigm of the unnatural that would be extinct at this point had they not broken out of their ice cage and attached themselves to human beings?

Why have human beings allowed their honor and self-respect to be taken away from them by beasts? Why does a human being look up to a quirk of nature to give them what genetic flukes have strategically taken away from them? Why does a human being covet praise from biological degenerates that have no concept of what true praise is?

Even more, why does a human being find acceptance in the smile on a bastard of nature face that is tactfully concealing the contempt, scorn, and laughter that they have for them? With human beings, all the while inwardly knowing that a lie disguises itself in many forms, and then discreetly presented to them as if it is the truth.

You can never be yourself while disguising yourself to be like someone else. You have placed your unique nature at the disposal of someone else's discretion. You have willingly made an inconsequential issue and an insignificant joke of yourself before the eyes of the peoples of the world.

So, how sick do you want to be, human being? When will you stand firm and deliver yourself from yourself? Only you can do this for yourself by renewing one contaminated brain cell at a time until the clarity of your thinking of yourself, becomes a reality of your creation, and not the distorted persona of you contrived by a sub-human being.

I saw the apex of love and joy on "Dynamic’s" head having the steadfastness of the Queen of the harmonious universe supporting his feet. The pneuma emanating from "Dark Vigorous" dazzling brown eyes merged with "Unimaginable Softness's" unsoiled blackness instantly transforming the voluntary dead into self-thinking, innovating, self-motivating, fast-moving energies of boundless light-filled clarity.

The authentic is the song of her voice which the Universe in which we inhabit is only a phantasm. A human being that has not diluted themselves wholeheartedly within the psychopathology of the masqueraders is living within the musical resonance of perfect blackness and therefore is authentic by nature.

In Dark Resonance, there is every reason to feel lifted and exalted beyond the eternal spheres, because the eternal realms are transparent within, and glimmering from impeccable blackness soft buoyant brown eyes.

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Monday, February 17, 2020

What I Am Told

What I am told. But what I am told is built on a canvas of lies. So, what should I believe when my belief is shaped by what I am told? What I am told, and I say that that is so even when what I am told is not possible for me to know. Believing in the scarcely credible is giving yourself false confidence, and the unlikely to be true is what I am told that I should know. I open my heart and empty my mind so that what cannot be verified I can accept without the handicap of a questioning mind. What I am told is what I do not need to know if it is not realistic, or does not make sense, and is not uplifting and enlightening. So, what am I to believe when what I am told is designed to make a fool of me? Empty is the head that has a mind that refuses to think for itself. Where any and everything can be dumped into a hallow shell and find comfort within it. It is not about the truth; it is about what I am told; which, is its own unreal reality. What I am told goes into one nostril and comes out of my behind. Yet what I am told is the foundation of my beliefs. A fantasy foundation that crumbles under scrutiny and falls apart in the slightest breeze. What I am told is impossible to know without having the faith to believe that it is so, and faith without knowledge is like a shadow that appears without any light to produce it. So, what I am told I believe by faith without proof or knowledge. I feel the warmth of life when I am in her arms. She is strong. She is beautiful. I do not need faith to know what I know about her. What I am told has nothing to do with her because I know that she is the woman for me. The empty head is filled by her presence, and all my questions are answered by her touch. I know this without being told when I look into the smile for me that is in her eyes. What I am not being told, I know for sure. That her dark brown skin makes my dark brown skin tingle. That yes and no means yes and no. That the reality of she and I are the reality of nature as it is meant to be. What I am told is that I should live in an illusionary world of shadows and that I should make this fantasy my reality. What I am told is that I should adjust my life to conform to someone else's standards and not even try to create quality standards of my own. This is what I am told, and to what I am told, I say no. But what am I except a breath away from death? That my thoughts and feelings are like falling leaves that have no place to rest. One moment is all moments, this I know to be so without being told as I hear and feel the fragility of my heart beating. My path is defined by her outstretched hands beckoning me to her. In my mind, I have no mind that is apart from hers. That which I tell myself is all that I need to know about her, and what I know is good for me. Darkness is the path to perfect blackness, and perfect blackness is the cosmos singing in harmony. I live. I die. I die. I live. As one is the same as the other. And so I kiss her hands, and I kiss her feet because what I am told cannot compare to this. is a simple platform where people can share their dreams by using the chat room and/or the message board. intends to form personal bonds by sharing. There is no software to download, and no software is being advertised. DreamMeta is associated with and the Bestowing-Life Family (, and DreamMeta is for entertainment purposes only. is a free site.