Saturday, November 26, 2016

A black person casting their vote for Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States is like a black person casting their vote for the next grand master of the KKK.

We so-called African Americans will always remain at the very bottom of the power and economic chain in this country if we keep placing our hopes on someone other than ourselves.

What type of sense does it make to have faith and confidence in people who hate and despise us and will contrive and do everything possible to keep us at each other’s throats and subservient to them?

We as a people must work together and form our own businesses and institutions. Sadly, we all know this because our people who have wisdom and vision have been telling us this for more than three hundred years and we have routinely turned a deaf ear to them as a collective body.

We so-called African Americans hope and dream and pray for salvation and to get our due but do nothing in and of ourselves to make our aspirations come true. We blame everyone for our problems instead of focusing on ourselves and what we can and should be doing to make our lives better.

The enemy is not obligated to do anything for us and we are living in a fairyland if we expect them to. I get so sick of hearing black men weeping and moaning about the injustices of the white man and then staring at one another with mean angry faces.

We so-called black folk are not the only people in human history that have gone through bondage, rape, murder, and unjust incarceration, but we are the only ones that seem to be content to languish and wallow in it.

At some point, a man must stand up and be a man and get on with it. No one is going to give you anything, and certainly not without harsh strings attached if they do, so we must take that which is rightfully ours, but do so wisely and cleverly as they do.

We must build our own businesses, create our own scientific and research labs, build our own neighborhoods and communities and keep them spotless and clean, stop asking and expecting other people to do for us what we can do for ourselves, this is what we as black men must do for ourselves and for our women and children.

Many of us so-called blacks had a lot of hope and pride when president Obama was elected as the president. However, that “man” and his wife “man” has made us (black people) look like cheap non-biodegradable dirt, especially black men.

The horribly embarrassing lesson that we all should have learned from this rude episode in getting exactly what you don't want or need is that placing our hope upon one person is a recipe for disappointment and a payday that never comes.

By the same token, placing your hopes on a liar and a fake (Hillary Clinton) is a guarantee to getting a knife stuck in your back and a transparent white cross placed in your yard.

Yes, Hillary Clinton is a woman aspiring to be the first woman president of the United States, and yes she is a democrat, and yes, this is why many black folks will vote for her. But you should know without anyone having to tell you that Hillary Clinton cares even less than less about you personally and collectively (black folks) and will promptly forget all about you once she is in office.

The people of all spectrums have allowed a puppet fraud to make buffoon’s of us for eight years now, so why do you want your concerns to be ignored for even more years by a monster whose sleazy track record is plain to see just because it is a woman.

We so-called negroes know exactly what we must do, get out for the spider’s webs and it will take some manhood, courage, wisdom, vision, leadership, direction and purpose to do it. At the moment it looks bad for us continuing as a living branch of the human family but all is not lost.

The power is of and within us to transform gloom into happiness and nothing into great achievements. We can do this as a yoked body working in harmony for directed and specific goals. We do not need anyone else to help us.

We so-called black people have built great civilizations before and we can certainly do it again. All we have to do is clean all of the built up garbage about ourselves out of our minds and think and believe and behave great.

No one will respect you until you learn to have respect for yourself.

• We focus on how other people feel about us way too much.

• We need to have our own stores and manufacturing companies.

• We need to develop a language for ourselves that we can use.

• We need to be able to live with, but not touch.

• We do not hate as they do but think and live in spiritual harmony with nature.

• We must individually and collectively love and respect ourselves first before seeking the respect of others.

Collectively we already have the financial means to start the processes of nation building if we will only start working together for our benefit.

The poor me days have run their course and now it’s time to behave like men.

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According to mainstream archeologists and historians, the construction of Stonehenge began around or between 8500 and 7000 BCE with the digging of four or five pits(holes) in the ground. Four thousand years later, at about 3000 B.C.E, a circular ditch with an inner and outer bank was constructed in the area where the holes were previously dug.

About five hundred years later, at about 2500 BCE, stones were set up in the center of the circular ditch that had been dug 500 years earlier. A circle and inner oval were constructed 200 or 300 years later by arranging bluestones in the center of the site.

So all total, it took Europeans five thousand six hundred years to build Stonehenge, give or take a few hundred years. A people known as Druids are commonly given the credits for the construction of Stonehenge by mainstream archeologist and historians, but no one really knows for sure who built Stonehenge.

Thus you have the European glorious contribution to the astounding achievements of the peoples of the ancient world, a few rocks stuck in a few holes that they desperately try to make older than any other structures found so far.

Even before 9500 BCE a native people lived and traded in a region of Africa that the Arabs have given the name Sahara. It is believed by most “think they know it all’s” that this region of the continent’s climate began to change into what it is today around 1600 BCE as a result of shifts of the Earth on its axis.

Be that as it may, whatever the conditions that caused the northern region of the continent to undergo such a drastic climate change resulted in driving the people who lived in the region south and west.

The Western migration created the civilizations of Put(Libya), Kemet(Egypt), Kush, Kanem, Aksum, and Nubia to name a few whereas the Southern migration created the civilizations of Mali, Songhai, Ghana, Wolof, Nok, Kangaba, and Kumbi Saleh also to name a few.

There is no doubt of it being much earlier African civilizations buried beneath the sands of the Sahara and spread throughout the continent that greatly predate the above-mentioned cultures. Thus you have the reason why white archeologists and historians prefer to be known as Egyptologist and not Stonehenge-tologist.

There are those so-called Egyptologist who wants to somehow stress that ancient Egypt(Kemet) was a melting pot of races, which is absolutely not true as documented in writing by the ancient Egyptians themselves of the great lengths that they took to keep Asians and others from settling in any part of the nation.

It is really an insult for whites to be calling themselves an Egyptologist and doing any type of archaeological and historical work on any other people except their own because of their tenacity to lie and turn the truth inside out for their benefit.

European archeologist and historians and archeologist and historians of European descent should confine their lies to European history and let the people who created the concepts and fundamentals of culture and civilization speak for themselves.

It is sickening to see how prideful some of these “dumb and blind” are in calling themselves Egyptologists, archaeologist, and historians.

These self-proclaimed authorities in one else's heritage and histories do not have the slightest moral fiber and personal integrity to be truthful about anything and blindly ignore every form of evidence that is vigorously slapping them in their silly faces.

And so it is, that holes and rocks, and rocks and holes, are what the mainstream archeologists and historians should confine themselves to.

Mainstream archeologist's are sleepwalking in a dead mindset and dreamers that are rotten to the core.

The understanding and the knowledge of mainstream archeologist's are clamped within their pointed heads and they make a mockery of everything that they put their filthy minds and hands upon.

Mainstream archeologist's have a gift for turning light into darkness and then fill that darkness with compounded ignorance.

White snowflakes are falling down, one calling herself an Egyptologist and the other is calling himself an expert on the Maya.

Both so-called authorities in one else's heritage and histories are reeking with the foul vulgar stench of preconceptions and prejudice.

Both so-called authorities in one else's heritage and histories look and are unable to see.

Both so-called authorities in one else's heritage and histories deliberately place the pieces of a puzzle in backward.

Both so-called authorities in one else's heritage and histories have brains that are tragically absent of a mind.

Both so-called authorities in one else's heritage and histories are pathological liars much deserving of keeping their mouths shut.

Last, but not least, both should confine themselves solely to the study of Stonehenge and leave other cultures alone.

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Turning the Tables on Genetic genocide: An urgent Appeal to all Black Biologist and Geneticist

There is no need to tell anyone what they should already know, that for decades the United States have been conducting research and development projects for deadly biological and genetic agents specifically designed to eradicate black people from the face of the Earth.

HIV and AIDS are only two of these weapons designed against blacks that have been partially released for field testing and evaluation.

Unfortunately for the researchers, these developed strains of HIV and AIDS have backfired on them and are affecting other than the targeted group of people. But the work goes on to design a race specific version of the HIV and AIDS viruses.

It may very well be possible that at this stage of the game an effective genetic weapon has already been developed to kill black people with the least amount of fallout on white people and is being held back from field deployment at the moment.

The race war that so many modern's talk about eventually coming officially began when Europeans first started peeking out of their caves in Europe and saw the wondrous accomplishments of black people staring back at them that were thousands of years old. The Moors then invaded Southern Europe and enslaved many of them and that is when Europeans began to fear black people.

Before the Moors, the Moguls of Central Asia invaded many parts of Europe and likewise enslaved many of them. These invasions and subjugation of Europeans by the Moguls and the Moors lasted hundreds of years and no doubt left a lasting impression on the psychology of Europeans.

Learning and culture entered Western Europe from Africa and the Near and the Far East via Greece and Rome. Armed with the experiences of being ruled by alien races and the knowledge that had been imported to them the Europeans made a conscious and subconscious vow never to be enslaved by others again.

The Atlantic slave trade was merely an expansion of the race war that began with the Mogul and Moor invasions of Europe. Europeans attacked Africa from the west as Arabs attacked Africa from the east.

Neither one of these attacks would have been successful if not for the fact that they occurred when there was no viable African Kingdom in place to oppose them as the majority of the continent had degenerated in rival tribal groups.

If not for these pathetic rivalries by the local inhabitants the Europeans and the Arabs could not have overtaken us as they did, and unfortunately, the people of the continent have not learned a thing from this loathsome experience as they continue to fight and squabble among themselves even today.

What has been said above is a brief synopsis of why white people fear black people and want to remove them from the planet. Whites are quite aware of history and know that all creation and its activities are cyclic.

As late comers on the world stage, whites know that it is only a matter of time and an absolute given before the ancient one’s take over again.

The newcomers on the world stage have successfully leeched upon the acquired knowledge of others and have brought the world under their control and will do anything and everything, up to and including destroying the entire planet, to keep from losing that control.

Black biologist and geneticist, I have not spoken that much about the topic at hand. I do not feel that I really have too because you work with and around these people every day and you know exactly how they feel about you under their breaths.

You, as a so-called black, have a wife and children that are marked for death.

You, as a so-called black, have a husband and children that are targeted to die horribly.

You, as a so-called black, have the skill and the knowledge to design and deploy counter agents to any type of biological and genetic weapon that has been developed, or still under development, to kill you and your family.

You, as a so-called black, know what to do. Network and form a secret society that will work together and exchange information. Do not under any circumstances allow any non-black scientist to enter your group.

The development of counter agents against their biological and genetic weapons is only one of two stages in your research, development, and deployment stratagems to kill them at their own game. Your second task is to design, develop, and then deploy bio-genetics weapon(s) that will put Europeans and those of European descent out of their misery.

You have many white power groups talking about and preparing for the coming race war in the United States. If black people do not take what these groups are doing and saying very seriously then millions of us will die before we realize what has hit us.

The United States government is by far the instrument that will unleash a level of slaughter upon blacks, starting inside of the country first and then killing globally, that will not even cause a dent in the horrors of all the wars of human history combined.

Black biologist and geneticist, given today’s technologies, you are your people’s front line soldiers. You, as a so-called black person, have to get in the trenches and swap germ for germ and nucleotide triplets for nucleotide triplets, the ground troops will take care of the rest.

There is no hope of winning for them in their strategy to obliterate black people from the face of the Earth regardless of how clever and smart they puff up their chests to be.

The rude will be awakened rudely and those who appear to be weak will show their divinely given strengths.

You so-called Black biologist and geneticist, you know what to do, so get on with it while there is still a window of opportunity before those who hate and fear launch their final attacks upon you and your families.

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Primitive Modern Woman/Man at A Glance

Why are there wars, hatred, violence, greed, racism, poverty, suffering, hunger, sexual perversion, sickness, aging, and death?

These questions have been asked before the first languages were formed and the answer given to these questions are the same today as it were from the beginning.

The mind of woman and man are embryonic by nature and left to its own devices it will always revert to its primitive instincts.

Modern neuroscientist such as Paul D. Maclean in the 1960s proposed that a segment of the human brain named the basal ganglia (R-complex or Reptilian Brain) is responsible for all of the above and more negative human behaviors which are instinctual in nature, such as dominance, territoriality, ritual displays, and aggression.

However, the above research conclusions may or may not be the case as new technologies are employed to map the human brain and find out how its various components work in harmony to make a human, human.

It cannot be disputed that peoples and cultures that are more in harmony with nature are less likely to display the vast assortments of negative behaviors that are rampant in cultures that are self-centered and materialistic.

So, if this is the case, the Reptilian Brain cannot be the sole culprit for the human preoccupation with wars, hatred, violence, greed, racism, poverty, suffering, hunger, sexual perversion, sickness, aging, and death.

One preoccupation that evolutionist have had since Darwinism was turned into a religion was, and is, to find the missing link that makes modern humans, modern humans.

Although many now propose that human evolution is a series of branches and not a straight shot as once postulated, that still does not answer the fundamental question of why so-called intelligent life is so flamboyantly savage in their thinking.

It is a grim fact that virtually all of the stunning scientific and technological accomplishments created over the previous two hundred years have been the results of a human desire to annihilate itself.

Even today there is an ongoing plan set in place to kill at least four-fifths of the human population of the planet so that a select few can rule and live abundantly.

Historical records seem to indicate that human civilizations in the remote past of Earth history have ultimately destroyed themselves just as the people who control the modern age are energetically marching forward to do.

Modern humans are now working hard to combine human DNA with animal DNA and create genetically engineered hybrids, just as the people in the remote past was successful in doing and made it so that every moment of their lives were filled with horror and terror of the creatures that they had created.

Just as the peoples of old, modern people are searching for a higher state of existence, and just like the peoples of old, modern people are searching for this higher state of being in the wrong places. Some modern humans want to channel themselves to regions unknown and communicate with dead bones.

There are some people who want to believe that various types of mysterious interstellar beings have an ongoing agenda to uplift humanity while folks place their hopes and faith in various forms of religion.

The bottom line is that human beings are born. They grow old and ugly. And then they die. Within this fleeting moment of time in the terrestrial, an individual has to move very swiftly if they are aspiring to elevate their minds to a higher state of being.

The fact is that only one person in eight hundred and eighty-eight million people will ever get within a faint glimpse of achieving a cognitive and spiritual state of mind over matter.

So the age-old questions of why are there wars, hatred, violence, greed, racism, poverty, suffering, hunger, sexual perversion, sickness, aging, and death are flamboyantly mute given the reality of the terrestrial sphere of realities that mortals (humans) temporarily reside within.

This does not mean that a person should not strive to attain a grandiose mindset that is splendid in its harmony and respect for nature and other human beings, but do not be offended nor upset with yourself if you fall flat on the soft tissue of your gluteus maximus in your attempts to raise yourself to a higher level of human expressions.

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Pillowcase Over Head AKA Police Badge

There is absolutely no distinction between a wild savage wearing a white pillowcase over his head and his barbarian counterpart who’s wearing a police badge.

No one should be surprised that this is the situation concerning the history of the United States because long before the United States was even conceived Western Europeans instigated their race war against all peoples of color, especially blacks, when they began coming out of Europe in significant numbers.

Two of a number of the driving forces that compelled Western Europeans to launch this global war against their human family members was their fear and their envy of peoples, civilizations, and cultures that were undoubtedly thousands of years older than theirs.

As Western Europeans encountered more and more peoples who were living outside of their globe a growing sense of inferiority steadily grew inside of them because of what they were seeing and learning as they traveled.

The memories of the Mogul and the Moorish invasions and subjugations of vast tracks of Western Europe were still very fresh in the minds of Western Europeans as they looked at pyramids rising high in the sky and other amazing structures throughout the world.

Even in those cultures that they encountered during their explorations that were not as advanced as them Western Europeans could not help but take an envious note of the sanitation and the hygiene of those peoples begrudgingly comparing it to the squalor and sewage that was the mainstay of their villages and cities back home in Western Europe.

Greed, fear, resentment, and jealousy were, and still are, the coat of arms on all of the flags coming out of Western Europe and grafted into every settlement that Europeans constructed in all the lands that they touched throughout the world.

The preamble of the constitution of the United States of America is filled with lofty phrases but embedded within those noble words is the coat of arms of Western Europe transmitted to the American continents via Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, and France, with a touch of German and Dutch sprinkled here and there.

The strategy of the European race war is very simple, divide and conquer. Some of its tactics include; complete psychological domination, cultural, land, and identity theft, financial dominance, transforming world history into European history, and the creation of religions that gives homage to them.

Of course, the various peoples of the world fought against this encroachment of vicious aliens upon them but far too many of them had no defense to a devastating weapon that the Europeans were heavily equipped with, the diseases that they brought with them from Europe.

Once European control was established over a region it was quickly transformed into a police state. The United States is only one of the many police states that were created as part of the Western European race war against the peoples of the Earth.

Some of the most obvious forms of the U.S.S.A (United Systematic System of Annihilation, shorten simply to U.S.A) police force are psychological entrapments, creating technological and scientific dependencies, information and media manipulation, educational and religious indoctrination, its methods of distributing wealth, using fear and terror to traumatize, its one-sided judicial systems, a deliberate corrupt and flawed financial system, and last but not least, mass murder in the disguise of maintaining law and order.

The local, state, and federal U.S.S.A police forces can put on their badges, the insignia of the race war coat of arms, and then imprison and kill at their leisure because they know that these activities have the sanction and the thumbs-up of white society.

At most, just to make a fake show of it, a savage murder wearing a police badge may get a verbal reprimand and possibly a few days of suspension with pay as a consequence of their action, but this is only because the beast had been too open and outlandish in the murder for it to be routinely dismissed as being just another day on the job.

And what do black people do when seeing themselves dropping like flies under a hail of police artillery day in and day out? By convention, they get mad and make a lot of noise, and for good measure, have a protest march.

This weak response to the deliberate and systematic extermination of so-called black people is all that local and government officials know to expect from black people when their sons, husbands, brothers, and fathers are leisurely riddled with police bullets, and the pillowcases and badges just adore that this is the highest level of response they will ever get for riddling an unarmed person with thousands of bullets.

Fortunately, there are those all too rare occasions when police murders do come with consequences such as when a mighty warrior of justice named Micah Xavier Johnson single-handedly went bullet for bullet with the entire Dallas, Texas police force in 2016. Micah Xavier Johnson, was and is, a mighty man of courage and valor cut from the same rock as:
Nat Turner in 1831 (Southampton County, VA.),

The Stono slave rebellion of 1739 led by a warrior named Jemmy,

The New York City Conspiracy of 1741,

The Gabriel’s Conspiracy of 1800 (Richmond, VA.) led by a warrior named Gabriel,

The German Coast Uprising of 1811 (New Orleans, LA.) led by Charles Deslondes,

and many other unnamed heroic combatants throughout the history of the United States that were burned, strangled, mutilated, hanged, drowned, starved and beaten to death, and much more for standing fall and waging war against the European coat of arms as implemented under the guise of liberty and justice for all.

The divided, and the sub-divided, and the sub-sub-sub-divided are currently reduced to an abject state of being pathetic by the deployment of the divide and conquer race war tactics of the Western Europeans.

The meek will certainly never inherit the earth but will always be miserable, vulnerable, and subservient to the strong arm. The police will go on shooting and killing because they know that they can get away with it without the slightest concerns for any type of realistic repercussions. The meek will march and protest and then get killed an hour or so later.

The strong man is not the man who can make the meanest looking faces, or make the loudest noise, or wear his pants down to his ankles, or talk a lot of self-demeaning and self-degrading nonsense in his hip hop musical lyrics. The strong man is the man who fights back when under relentless attack. The strong man builds and invents. The strong man has his own house to live in. The strong man educates and informs himself.

The strong man is a reliable source of energy, courage, vigor, understanding, wisdom, knowledge, honesty, integrity, love, faithfulness, vision, direction, and strength. The strong man is me. The strong man is you. The strong man is me and you united for a common goal if being strong is what we choose.

For more details about our warriors that we currently have a record of visit. american-slaves-rebel
And you can be sure that this is only the foundation of our mighty warrior’s pyramid.

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Descended Masters

According to the current mainstream “knowledge” that is being taught using every communication medium available. Long, long, and even very long ago single cell microorganisms ruled the world, and then a species called Phyla seized the mastery of the earth from them but was subsequently ousted as the masters of the planet by a species called Trilobites.

These Trilobites eventually evolved into various types of small land, air, and water creatures. As this peculiar story continued to unfold, the Trilobites evolved from small to very large land, air, and water creatures that are now referred to as Dinosaurs (Synapsid and Archosaurs).

Dinosaurs eventually bullied and ate their way into becoming the undisputed masters of the earth and remained so for a very long time. Now as the guesswork goes, on a particular day, about sixty-five million years ago, a single asteroid hit the planet Earth near the Yucatan Peninsula and indiscriminately finished off every single one of the Synapsid and Archosaurs of the air, the land, and the seas and bringing to an abrupt end their mastery of the earth.

However, there are some of these “I know more than you do” who believe that a few of the Dinosaurs did escape the asteroid carnage and are doing quite well today as birds if you don’t take into account that human activities are destroying all of their natural habitats.

All of these changes in worldwide dominance are proposed by the mainstream “know-it-alls” as being the result of an Extinction Event, some a "Great Dying" while others an Anoxic Event (greatly depleted oxygen levels in the seas), and others just a plain old run of the mill dying off event.

Regardless of the cause or causes that precipitated a change in world lordship it is inescapable that this process in the changing of the guard is cyclic in nature.

Everything observable about the Earth’s Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy, and all other observable celestial objects more than confirm that everything about this reality (our reality) is cyclic in nature, which, based on the evidence, includes the cosmos’s very existence in its present form.

When the dust finally settled after the fall of the Dinosaurs a certain microorganism that had turned into Phyla, then turned into a Trilobite, then into a land-dwelling fish, took the grandstand and turned into a monkey swinging from tree to tree now that Dinosaurs were out of the way.

And so the tattletale goes on, but to make a strange story short. On a day that will forever live as an evolutionary legend, a certain monkey developed Myalgia in its arms making swinging from tree to tree very painful and so decided to ground it.

At first, this monkey moved on all fours but this method of locomotion was also painful on its arms. Continued survival was starting to look seriously imperiled and this monkey would have gone down in history as just another instance of a dead ape decomposing on the landscape if this certain monkey had not gotten the bright idea to go bipedal.

Other monkey’s, the majority of which did not have problems with any of their muscles began to mimic the bipedalism of this monkey, and the rest is human history.

The above events involving the mastery of the world are not records of pre-history because how can anything be prehistoric if the mainstream “I know what I know because I am saying that it is so”, are telling students this story as absolute facts.

Some will argue that the dividing line between pre-history and history is the development of writing, discounting oral traditions as being only fables and mythologies, and expecting everyone to believe that, in the beginning, the planet Earth was a molten mass that cooled and developed oceans of water and that a rock got rained on and produced the first single-cell microorganisms.

Since these mainstream “merchants of all knowledge” are telling these processes as facts then they are by definition telling recorded history.

The cyclic process of revolving top dogs of the world makes it undeniably clear and a definite certainty that the rulers of today’s world have a temporal status of mastery as all other world masters before them have enjoyed before being swept away and replaced by a new world master.

Of course, human beings are in a slightly different category of Earth creatures because supposedly human beings are ascribed as being intelligent life whereas all of the previous world masters seem to have relied primarily on instincts.

This does not mean that modern humans have any more control over a "Great Dying" off as any of the past Earth species only that humans presumably have the intellect to know that we are all about to be wiped out to make room for a new species of Earth life.

It seems that each new master of the world is much more advanced than the one that it has replaced so it is almost a given that the world master that replaces the human species will be of a higher order than modern humans.

Perhaps this is what the planet Earth is aiming for as it creates, tests, rejects, modifies and prunes different species to find the perfect ones that will move it to a higher level of existence and place it within a new sphere of realities.

Certainly, the creation of the human species has been a botched job for the planet Earth far more than any of the world masters that came before them because this is the only species that the Earth has created for testing that is so determined and so diligent about making the entire planet an uninhabitable wasteland.

Naturally, the planet Earth will not allow humans to do destroy it and will instigate another "Great Dying" off extinction event that will remove every human being from the planet and then begin the creation and testing processes all over again on its next test subjects.

The so-called human elites that are riding and controlling at the top of the current food chain believe that they have the peoples of the world by the balls. This is exactly what Phyla believed only moments before the "Great Dying" and Trilobites took over as the masters of the world.

The processes of the cosmos are cyclic by nature and the planet Earth is conducting ongoing experimentation aimed towards the creation of a species that will move it into higher orbits of existence.

This is to say that regardless of how advanced and knowledgeable modern humans delude themselves as being they are living in a temporal state of existence that is controlled by forces that are as far removed from humans as humans are from the eukaryote.

Trilobites had a good day and then their moment in time came to an abrupt end. Humans are self and planet destructive creatures recklessly filling the scope of cosmic realities and placements with a negative spirit and when their moment in time comes to an end the entire cosmos will exhale with a grandiose sigh of relief and applaud the departure of humans.

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Generational Curse (Fact or Fiction)

Some time back a telephone prophet told my sister that our family had a generational curse on it. She asked me if I believed if that were true or not when that subject came up as we were reminiscing about our family past.

Based solely upon my life it would seem that I personally have some type of decision and choice making curse on me that causes me to make above average bad choices and decisions.

As vivid proof that I may personally be cursed, I have consistently experienced many of my goals, dreams, and aspirations plummet into an unrealized flop no matter my efforts to make a success of them.

Yet even with the habitual fallout of my personal endeavors as my historical resume I nonetheless told my sister that I do not believe in such a thing as a family generational curse. Of course, the answer that this telephone prophet gave my sister to have this generational curse lifted from her was for her to buy prayers from him upon which he guaranteed that in no time she would be free from such a curse if she faithfully adhered to the prayers that she purchased from him as he dutifully sent them to her.

My suggestion to my sister was that I personally would not buy these prayers from him because I do not believe in such a thing as a family generational curse and left it at that for her to make her own decision as to what she would do in response to this telephone prophet’s assessment of the problem and his remedy for it.

With that said, I do believe that such thing as a curse can exist but only if a person believes it to exist and thereby give power to an illusory phantom that they have allowed to take up residence within their minds.

From the mind comes the endorsement of irrational beliefs and self-induced bugaboos. This, of course, takes into consideration that undesirable things in our lives do happen and we can’t always get our way in everything no matter how much we want it and/or think that we deserve it.

There is also the matter of justice in that one may struggle to succeed and never make it to where they want to go because they have committed offenses against others that a much higher court than the terrestrial courts have found them guilty of and have sentenced them to habitually making unsound judgments.

In my case, I really believe that the wrongs that I have done to others are the source of why I can’t seem to get where I want to be and why I routinely make above average bad choices and decisions and not some gremlin called a family generational curse.

So what is the answer? I personally have none except to say “May all forgive me for the wrongs that I have done and that I be given the strength to likewise forgive myself so that my mind can be free to mount new horizons without this self-imposed jinx embedded within me that seems to be a stumbling block to every move that I undertake.”

In essence, a family generational curse is real only if one makes it real otherwise it is just nonsense.

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Fatally Pathetic

The Antichrist (Practically Decoded)

There are many theories and assumptions as to who or what the antichrist is. It is evident by scripture that the antichrist consists of two distinct genera, one being both male and female human beings who do not believe that there is a God and that a character named Jesus is the anointed one of God who will redeem all creation back into the fold of God.

The people who worship an Antichrist are not necessarily evil or wicked people but people who hold to a belief system that is “Instead (anti)” of God and the so-called Christ. These people are the antichrist that is spoken of in some scripture writings of the Bible.

The other genus of the antichrist being that of an individual human being who worships Satan and will allow Satan to use him in an ill-fated attempt to control the Earth and its inhabitants, with the ultimate goal of ruining the planet Earth and Killing off all of its carbon-based life forms.

Ever since this so-called Jesus began his ministry the antichrist has been a resident on Earth within the hearts and minds of people who do not believe in a cosmic-come-earthly savior, so to this extent, we know exactly who and what the antichrist is because of their beliefs that make them believers of something else instead of the so-called Christ.

As far as the antichrist who will lead human beings into the great tribulation period is concerned, there are those who believe that this will be Satan disguised as a mortal, while others believe it to be an actual human being empowered with the spirit of Satan.

There are also many people who fervently believe that the antichrist will be an ET from another galaxy, universe, or dimension.

This is only my personal opinion but I suggest that if the stories of the Bible can be taken literally this antichrist will be an actual human being empowered with the spirit of Satan. This opinion is based on the evidence that Satan copies everything of God. And since God is ascribed as being three entities in one; The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, it is very likely that Satan will copy this structure as Satan, the antichrist, and the false prophet.

However, Satan does not have the essence of being a true Trinity so his replica of this essence has to be a counterfeit model of the true one. Even human beings follow this triune structure in the form of the physical body (dirt and water), the spirit (the energy force that animates the physical body), and the mind (that give the body and the spirit cognitive awareness and a sense of being).

So the question of what and who the antichrist will be is my belief that he will be a flesh and blood mortal, and I say “he” because all the references to this being in the Bible refers to the male gender. Exactly who this person will be is an open question, but there is a historical archetype that can be used.

The antichrist will come on the world scene as a great healer. What he will heal is a world system that has received a deadly wound by degenerating into great anguish and chaos.

The deadly wound that this world system suffers from is a fatal loss of confidence in it by the peoples of the world who have become overwhelmed by confusion and mistrust in all authority.

When the lifecycle of this world system is looking totally bleak Satan will pull strings that causes his anointed one to be elected leader of the crippled nations by the peoples of the earth who are now desperate for a savior, thus healing the deadly wound that it has suffered by the satanically inspired genius that this leader will employ to bring profound prosperity and security to all peoples throughout the world under his government.

Using recent world history as a base of who the personage of the antichrist may be, I believe that this leader (the antichrist) will be of German nationality and ethically he will be a Jew, or have a Jewish link in his ancestry.

An archetype of this leader can be seen in the person of Adolf Hitler who was of German nationality and who had a Jewish link in his ancestry. The other viable option of the personage of the antichrist is a person from the Middle East who lives in a country that was a part of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Gadre’el (pronounced Godre’el, God, Apollyon, Belial, Beelzebub, the Dragon, Satan) is the master of this present world age and has an army already marshalled and at the ready to do battle against the Father of Lights and his army. The forces of Godre’el consists of both spiritual and physical beings that are dedicated to doing his will.

Selling one’s soul to the devil is a minuscule possession to a being that covets the position of cosmic top dog and bringing legions of orbs, spheres, dimensions, powers, energies, times, and motions under his dominance.

The antichrist goes by many other names ascribed to him by many different cultures. In recent decades the antichrist has also acquired the names ET, Grays, Reptilians, Annunaki, Nephilim, Black Eyed Children, various U.S president’s, the Pope, Jesus, and so forth. However, the true identity of the antichrist is the human mind that is still in a very primal state of development.

Scientific and technological knowledge and advancements are being seeded into the embryonic brain cells of humans by the Crusher of Souls in order to make a mockery of Dirt and Water (mortals) and the absurdity of their creation before the eyes of blazing energies.

The many theories concerning who and what the antichrist is are all wrong and the many theories concerning what and who the antichrist is are all right. This is because there is a serious question concerning the very existence of Jesus (Christ) which makes the question of who and what the antichrist is, other than our individual selves, mute.

Of course, this is my personal belief and until proven to be faulty by evidence to the contrary is what I hold to.

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