Saturday, November 26, 2016

Descended Masters

According to the current mainstream “knowledge” that is being taught using every communication medium available. Long, long, and even very long ago single cell microorganisms ruled the world, and then a species called Phyla seized the mastery of the earth from them but was subsequently ousted as the masters of the planet by a species called Trilobites.

These Trilobites eventually evolved into various types of small land, air, and water creatures. As this peculiar story continued to unfold, the Trilobites evolved from small to very large land, air, and water creatures that are now referred to as Dinosaurs (Synapsid and Archosaurs).

Dinosaurs eventually bullied and ate their way into becoming the undisputed masters of the earth and remained so for a very long time. Now as the guesswork goes, on a particular day, about sixty-five million years ago, a single asteroid hit the planet Earth near the Yucatan Peninsula and indiscriminately finished off every single one of the Synapsid and Archosaurs of the air, the land, and the seas and bringing to an abrupt end their mastery of the earth.

However, there are some of these “I know more than you do” who believe that a few of the Dinosaurs did escape the asteroid carnage and are doing quite well today as birds if you don’t take into account that human activities are destroying all of their natural habitats.

All of these changes in worldwide dominance are proposed by the mainstream “know-it-alls” as being the result of an Extinction Event, some a "Great Dying" while others an Anoxic Event (greatly depleted oxygen levels in the seas), and others just a plain old run of the mill dying off event.

Regardless of the cause or causes that precipitated a change in world lordship it is inescapable that this process in the changing of the guard is cyclic in nature.

Everything observable about the Earth’s Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy, and all other observable celestial objects more than confirm that everything about this reality (our reality) is cyclic in nature, which, based on the evidence, includes the cosmos’s very existence in its present form.

When the dust finally settled after the fall of the Dinosaurs a certain microorganism that had turned into Phyla, then turned into a Trilobite, then into a land-dwelling fish, took the grandstand and turned into a monkey swinging from tree to tree now that Dinosaurs were out of the way.

And so the tattletale goes on, but to make a strange story short. On a day that will forever live as an evolutionary legend, a certain monkey developed Myalgia in its arms making swinging from tree to tree very painful and so decided to ground it.

At first, this monkey moved on all fours but this method of locomotion was also painful on its arms. Continued survival was starting to look seriously imperiled and this monkey would have gone down in history as just another instance of a dead ape decomposing on the landscape if this certain monkey had not gotten the bright idea to go bipedal.

Other monkey’s, the majority of which did not have problems with any of their muscles began to mimic the bipedalism of this monkey, and the rest is human history.

The above events involving the mastery of the world are not records of pre-history because how can anything be prehistoric if the mainstream “I know what I know because I am saying that it is so”, are telling students this story as absolute facts.

Some will argue that the dividing line between pre-history and history is the development of writing, discounting oral traditions as being only fables and mythologies, and expecting everyone to believe that, in the beginning, the planet Earth was a molten mass that cooled and developed oceans of water and that a rock got rained on and produced the first single-cell microorganisms.

Since these mainstream “merchants of all knowledge” are telling these processes as facts then they are by definition telling recorded history.

The cyclic process of revolving top dogs of the world makes it undeniably clear and a definite certainty that the rulers of today’s world have a temporal status of mastery as all other world masters before them have enjoyed before being swept away and replaced by a new world master.

Of course, human beings are in a slightly different category of Earth creatures because supposedly human beings are ascribed as being intelligent life whereas all of the previous world masters seem to have relied primarily on instincts.

This does not mean that modern humans have any more control over a "Great Dying" off as any of the past Earth species only that humans presumably have the intellect to know that we are all about to be wiped out to make room for a new species of Earth life.

It seems that each new master of the world is much more advanced than the one that it has replaced so it is almost a given that the world master that replaces the human species will be of a higher order than modern humans.

Perhaps this is what the planet Earth is aiming for as it creates, tests, rejects, modifies and prunes different species to find the perfect ones that will move it to a higher level of existence and place it within a new sphere of realities.

Certainly, the creation of the human species has been a botched job for the planet Earth far more than any of the world masters that came before them because this is the only species that the Earth has created for testing that is so determined and so diligent about making the entire planet an uninhabitable wasteland.

Naturally, the planet Earth will not allow humans to do destroy it and will instigate another "Great Dying" off extinction event that will remove every human being from the planet and then begin the creation and testing processes all over again on its next test subjects.

The so-called human elites that are riding and controlling at the top of the current food chain believe that they have the peoples of the world by the balls. This is exactly what Phyla believed only moments before the "Great Dying" and Trilobites took over as the masters of the world.

The processes of the cosmos are cyclic by nature and the planet Earth is conducting ongoing experimentation aimed towards the creation of a species that will move it into higher orbits of existence.

This is to say that regardless of how advanced and knowledgeable modern humans delude themselves as being they are living in a temporal state of existence that is controlled by forces that are as far removed from humans as humans are from the eukaryote.

Trilobites had a good day and then their moment in time came to an abrupt end. Humans are self and planet destructive creatures recklessly filling the scope of cosmic realities and placements with a negative spirit and when their moment in time comes to an end the entire cosmos will exhale with a grandiose sigh of relief and applaud the departure of humans.

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