Saturday, November 26, 2016

A black person casting their vote for Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States is like a black person casting their vote for the next grand master of the KKK.

We so-called African Americans will always remain at the very bottom of the power and economic chain in this country if we keep placing our hopes on someone other than ourselves.

What type of sense does it make to have faith and confidence in people who hate and despise us and will contrive and do everything possible to keep us at each other’s throats and subservient to them?

We as a people must work together and form our own businesses and institutions. Sadly, we all know this because our people who have wisdom and vision have been telling us this for more than three hundred years and we have routinely turned a deaf ear to them as a collective body.

We so-called African Americans hope and dream and pray for salvation and to get our due but do nothing in and of ourselves to make our aspirations come true. We blame everyone for our problems instead of focusing on ourselves and what we can and should be doing to make our lives better.

The enemy is not obligated to do anything for us and we are living in a fairyland if we expect them to. I get so sick of hearing black men weeping and moaning about the injustices of the white man and then staring at one another with mean angry faces.

We so-called black folk are not the only people in human history that have gone through bondage, rape, murder, and unjust incarceration, but we are the only ones that seem to be content to languish and wallow in it.

At some point, a man must stand up and be a man and get on with it. No one is going to give you anything, and certainly not without harsh strings attached if they do, so we must take that which is rightfully ours, but do so wisely and cleverly as they do.

We must build our own businesses, create our own scientific and research labs, build our own neighborhoods and communities and keep them spotless and clean, stop asking and expecting other people to do for us what we can do for ourselves, this is what we as black men must do for ourselves and for our women and children.

Many of us so-called blacks had a lot of hope and pride when president Obama was elected as the president. However, that “man” and his wife “man” has made us (black people) look like cheap non-biodegradable dirt, especially black men.

The horribly embarrassing lesson that we all should have learned from this rude episode in getting exactly what you don't want or need is that placing our hope upon one person is a recipe for disappointment and a payday that never comes.

By the same token, placing your hopes on a liar and a fake (Hillary Clinton) is a guarantee to getting a knife stuck in your back and a transparent white cross placed in your yard.

Yes, Hillary Clinton is a woman aspiring to be the first woman president of the United States, and yes she is a democrat, and yes, this is why many black folks will vote for her. But you should know without anyone having to tell you that Hillary Clinton cares even less than less about you personally and collectively (black folks) and will promptly forget all about you once she is in office.

The people of all spectrums have allowed a puppet fraud to make buffoon’s of us for eight years now, so why do you want your concerns to be ignored for even more years by a monster whose sleazy track record is plain to see just because it is a woman.

We so-called negroes know exactly what we must do, get out for the spider’s webs and it will take some manhood, courage, wisdom, vision, leadership, direction and purpose to do it. At the moment it looks bad for us continuing as a living branch of the human family but all is not lost.

The power is of and within us to transform gloom into happiness and nothing into great achievements. We can do this as a yoked body working in harmony for directed and specific goals. We do not need anyone else to help us.

We so-called black people have built great civilizations before and we can certainly do it again. All we have to do is clean all of the built up garbage about ourselves out of our minds and think and believe and behave great.

No one will respect you until you learn to have respect for yourself.

• We focus on how other people feel about us way too much.

• We need to have our own stores and manufacturing companies.

• We need to develop a language for ourselves that we can use.

• We need to be able to live with, but not touch.

• We do not hate as they do but think and live in spiritual harmony with nature.

• We must individually and collectively love and respect ourselves first before seeking the respect of others.

Collectively we already have the financial means to start the processes of nation building if we will only start working together for our benefit.

The poor me days have run their course and now it’s time to behave like men.

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