Saturday, November 26, 2016

Turning the Tables on Genetic genocide: An urgent Appeal to all Black Biologist and Geneticist

There is no need to tell anyone what they should already know, that for decades the United States have been conducting research and development projects for deadly biological and genetic agents specifically designed to eradicate black people from the face of the Earth.

HIV and AIDS are only two of these weapons designed against blacks that have been partially released for field testing and evaluation.

Unfortunately for the researchers, these developed strains of HIV and AIDS have backfired on them and are affecting other than the targeted group of people. But the work goes on to design a race specific version of the HIV and AIDS viruses.

It may very well be possible that at this stage of the game an effective genetic weapon has already been developed to kill black people with the least amount of fallout on white people and is being held back from field deployment at the moment.

The race war that so many modern's talk about eventually coming officially began when Europeans first started peeking out of their caves in Europe and saw the wondrous accomplishments of black people staring back at them that were thousands of years old. The Moors then invaded Southern Europe and enslaved many of them and that is when Europeans began to fear black people.

Before the Moors, the Moguls of Central Asia invaded many parts of Europe and likewise enslaved many of them. These invasions and subjugation of Europeans by the Moguls and the Moors lasted hundreds of years and no doubt left a lasting impression on the psychology of Europeans.

Learning and culture entered Western Europe from Africa and the Near and the Far East via Greece and Rome. Armed with the experiences of being ruled by alien races and the knowledge that had been imported to them the Europeans made a conscious and subconscious vow never to be enslaved by others again.

The Atlantic slave trade was merely an expansion of the race war that began with the Mogul and Moor invasions of Europe. Europeans attacked Africa from the west as Arabs attacked Africa from the east.

Neither one of these attacks would have been successful if not for the fact that they occurred when there was no viable African Kingdom in place to oppose them as the majority of the continent had degenerated in rival tribal groups.

If not for these pathetic rivalries by the local inhabitants the Europeans and the Arabs could not have overtaken us as they did, and unfortunately, the people of the continent have not learned a thing from this loathsome experience as they continue to fight and squabble among themselves even today.

What has been said above is a brief synopsis of why white people fear black people and want to remove them from the planet. Whites are quite aware of history and know that all creation and its activities are cyclic.

As late comers on the world stage, whites know that it is only a matter of time and an absolute given before the ancient one’s take over again.

The newcomers on the world stage have successfully leeched upon the acquired knowledge of others and have brought the world under their control and will do anything and everything, up to and including destroying the entire planet, to keep from losing that control.

Black biologist and geneticist, I have not spoken that much about the topic at hand. I do not feel that I really have too because you work with and around these people every day and you know exactly how they feel about you under their breaths.

You, as a so-called black, have a wife and children that are marked for death.

You, as a so-called black, have a husband and children that are targeted to die horribly.

You, as a so-called black, have the skill and the knowledge to design and deploy counter agents to any type of biological and genetic weapon that has been developed, or still under development, to kill you and your family.

You, as a so-called black, know what to do. Network and form a secret society that will work together and exchange information. Do not under any circumstances allow any non-black scientist to enter your group.

The development of counter agents against their biological and genetic weapons is only one of two stages in your research, development, and deployment stratagems to kill them at their own game. Your second task is to design, develop, and then deploy bio-genetics weapon(s) that will put Europeans and those of European descent out of their misery.

You have many white power groups talking about and preparing for the coming race war in the United States. If black people do not take what these groups are doing and saying very seriously then millions of us will die before we realize what has hit us.

The United States government is by far the instrument that will unleash a level of slaughter upon blacks, starting inside of the country first and then killing globally, that will not even cause a dent in the horrors of all the wars of human history combined.

Black biologist and geneticist, given today’s technologies, you are your people’s front line soldiers. You, as a so-called black person, have to get in the trenches and swap germ for germ and nucleotide triplets for nucleotide triplets, the ground troops will take care of the rest.

There is no hope of winning for them in their strategy to obliterate black people from the face of the Earth regardless of how clever and smart they puff up their chests to be.

The rude will be awakened rudely and those who appear to be weak will show their divinely given strengths.

You so-called Black biologist and geneticist, you know what to do, so get on with it while there is still a window of opportunity before those who hate and fear launch their final attacks upon you and your families.

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