Saturday, November 26, 2016

Primitive Modern Woman/Man at A Glance

Why are there wars, hatred, violence, greed, racism, poverty, suffering, hunger, sexual perversion, sickness, aging, and death?

These questions have been asked before the first languages were formed and the answer given to these questions are the same today as it were from the beginning.

The mind of woman and man are embryonic by nature and left to its own devices it will always revert to its primitive instincts.

Modern neuroscientist such as Paul D. Maclean in the 1960s proposed that a segment of the human brain named the basal ganglia (R-complex or Reptilian Brain) is responsible for all of the above and more negative human behaviors which are instinctual in nature, such as dominance, territoriality, ritual displays, and aggression.

However, the above research conclusions may or may not be the case as new technologies are employed to map the human brain and find out how its various components work in harmony to make a human, human.

It cannot be disputed that peoples and cultures that are more in harmony with nature are less likely to display the vast assortments of negative behaviors that are rampant in cultures that are self-centered and materialistic.

So, if this is the case, the Reptilian Brain cannot be the sole culprit for the human preoccupation with wars, hatred, violence, greed, racism, poverty, suffering, hunger, sexual perversion, sickness, aging, and death.

One preoccupation that evolutionist have had since Darwinism was turned into a religion was, and is, to find the missing link that makes modern humans, modern humans.

Although many now propose that human evolution is a series of branches and not a straight shot as once postulated, that still does not answer the fundamental question of why so-called intelligent life is so flamboyantly savage in their thinking.

It is a grim fact that virtually all of the stunning scientific and technological accomplishments created over the previous two hundred years have been the results of a human desire to annihilate itself.

Even today there is an ongoing plan set in place to kill at least four-fifths of the human population of the planet so that a select few can rule and live abundantly.

Historical records seem to indicate that human civilizations in the remote past of Earth history have ultimately destroyed themselves just as the people who control the modern age are energetically marching forward to do.

Modern humans are now working hard to combine human DNA with animal DNA and create genetically engineered hybrids, just as the people in the remote past was successful in doing and made it so that every moment of their lives were filled with horror and terror of the creatures that they had created.

Just as the peoples of old, modern people are searching for a higher state of existence, and just like the peoples of old, modern people are searching for this higher state of being in the wrong places. Some modern humans want to channel themselves to regions unknown and communicate with dead bones.

There are some people who want to believe that various types of mysterious interstellar beings have an ongoing agenda to uplift humanity while folks place their hopes and faith in various forms of religion.

The bottom line is that human beings are born. They grow old and ugly. And then they die. Within this fleeting moment of time in the terrestrial, an individual has to move very swiftly if they are aspiring to elevate their minds to a higher state of being.

The fact is that only one person in eight hundred and eighty-eight million people will ever get within a faint glimpse of achieving a cognitive and spiritual state of mind over matter.

So the age-old questions of why are there wars, hatred, violence, greed, racism, poverty, suffering, hunger, sexual perversion, sickness, aging, and death are flamboyantly mute given the reality of the terrestrial sphere of realities that mortals (humans) temporarily reside within.

This does not mean that a person should not strive to attain a grandiose mindset that is splendid in its harmony and respect for nature and other human beings, but do not be offended nor upset with yourself if you fall flat on the soft tissue of your gluteus maximus in your attempts to raise yourself to a higher level of human expressions.

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