Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pillowcase Over Head AKA Police Badge

There is absolutely no distinction between a wild savage wearing a white pillowcase over his head and his barbarian counterpart who’s wearing a police badge.

No one should be surprised that this is the situation concerning the history of the United States because long before the United States was even conceived Western Europeans instigated their race war against all peoples of color, especially blacks, when they began coming out of Europe in significant numbers.

Two of a number of the driving forces that compelled Western Europeans to launch this global war against their human family members was their fear and their envy of peoples, civilizations, and cultures that were undoubtedly thousands of years older than theirs.

As Western Europeans encountered more and more peoples who were living outside of their globe a growing sense of inferiority steadily grew inside of them because of what they were seeing and learning as they traveled.

The memories of the Mogul and the Moorish invasions and subjugations of vast tracks of Western Europe were still very fresh in the minds of Western Europeans as they looked at pyramids rising high in the sky and other amazing structures throughout the world.

Even in those cultures that they encountered during their explorations that were not as advanced as them Western Europeans could not help but take an envious note of the sanitation and the hygiene of those peoples begrudgingly comparing it to the squalor and sewage that was the mainstay of their villages and cities back home in Western Europe.

Greed, fear, resentment, and jealousy were, and still are, the coat of arms on all of the flags coming out of Western Europe and grafted into every settlement that Europeans constructed in all the lands that they touched throughout the world.

The preamble of the constitution of the United States of America is filled with lofty phrases but embedded within those noble words is the coat of arms of Western Europe transmitted to the American continents via Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, and France, with a touch of German and Dutch sprinkled here and there.

The strategy of the European race war is very simple, divide and conquer. Some of its tactics include; complete psychological domination, cultural, land, and identity theft, financial dominance, transforming world history into European history, and the creation of religions that gives homage to them.

Of course, the various peoples of the world fought against this encroachment of vicious aliens upon them but far too many of them had no defense to a devastating weapon that the Europeans were heavily equipped with, the diseases that they brought with them from Europe.

Once European control was established over a region it was quickly transformed into a police state. The United States is only one of the many police states that were created as part of the Western European race war against the peoples of the Earth.

Some of the most obvious forms of the U.S.S.A (United Systematic System of Annihilation, shorten simply to U.S.A) police force are psychological entrapments, creating technological and scientific dependencies, information and media manipulation, educational and religious indoctrination, its methods of distributing wealth, using fear and terror to traumatize, its one-sided judicial systems, a deliberate corrupt and flawed financial system, and last but not least, mass murder in the disguise of maintaining law and order.

The local, state, and federal U.S.S.A police forces can put on their badges, the insignia of the race war coat of arms, and then imprison and kill at their leisure because they know that these activities have the sanction and the thumbs-up of white society.

At most, just to make a fake show of it, a savage murder wearing a police badge may get a verbal reprimand and possibly a few days of suspension with pay as a consequence of their action, but this is only because the beast had been too open and outlandish in the murder for it to be routinely dismissed as being just another day on the job.

And what do black people do when seeing themselves dropping like flies under a hail of police artillery day in and day out? By convention, they get mad and make a lot of noise, and for good measure, have a protest march.

This weak response to the deliberate and systematic extermination of so-called black people is all that local and government officials know to expect from black people when their sons, husbands, brothers, and fathers are leisurely riddled with police bullets, and the pillowcases and badges just adore that this is the highest level of response they will ever get for riddling an unarmed person with thousands of bullets.

Fortunately, there are those all too rare occasions when police murders do come with consequences such as when a mighty warrior of justice named Micah Xavier Johnson single-handedly went bullet for bullet with the entire Dallas, Texas police force in 2016. Micah Xavier Johnson, was and is, a mighty man of courage and valor cut from the same rock as:
Nat Turner in 1831 (Southampton County, VA.),

The Stono slave rebellion of 1739 led by a warrior named Jemmy,

The New York City Conspiracy of 1741,

The Gabriel’s Conspiracy of 1800 (Richmond, VA.) led by a warrior named Gabriel,

The German Coast Uprising of 1811 (New Orleans, LA.) led by Charles Deslondes,

and many other unnamed heroic combatants throughout the history of the United States that were burned, strangled, mutilated, hanged, drowned, starved and beaten to death, and much more for standing fall and waging war against the European coat of arms as implemented under the guise of liberty and justice for all.

The divided, and the sub-divided, and the sub-sub-sub-divided are currently reduced to an abject state of being pathetic by the deployment of the divide and conquer race war tactics of the Western Europeans.

The meek will certainly never inherit the earth but will always be miserable, vulnerable, and subservient to the strong arm. The police will go on shooting and killing because they know that they can get away with it without the slightest concerns for any type of realistic repercussions. The meek will march and protest and then get killed an hour or so later.

The strong man is not the man who can make the meanest looking faces, or make the loudest noise, or wear his pants down to his ankles, or talk a lot of self-demeaning and self-degrading nonsense in his hip hop musical lyrics. The strong man is the man who fights back when under relentless attack. The strong man builds and invents. The strong man has his own house to live in. The strong man educates and informs himself.

The strong man is a reliable source of energy, courage, vigor, understanding, wisdom, knowledge, honesty, integrity, love, faithfulness, vision, direction, and strength. The strong man is me. The strong man is you. The strong man is me and you united for a common goal if being strong is what we choose.

For more details about our warriors that we currently have a record of visit. american-slaves-rebel
And you can be sure that this is only the foundation of our mighty warrior’s pyramid.

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