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According to mainstream archeologists and historians, the construction of Stonehenge began around or between 8500 and 7000 BCE with the digging of four or five pits(holes) in the ground. Four thousand years later, at about 3000 B.C.E, a circular ditch with an inner and outer bank was constructed in the area where the holes were previously dug.

About five hundred years later, at about 2500 BCE, stones were set up in the center of the circular ditch that had been dug 500 years earlier. A circle and inner oval were constructed 200 or 300 years later by arranging bluestones in the center of the site.

So all total, it took Europeans five thousand six hundred years to build Stonehenge, give or take a few hundred years. A people known as Druids are commonly given the credits for the construction of Stonehenge by mainstream archeologist and historians, but no one really knows for sure who built Stonehenge.

Thus you have the European glorious contribution to the astounding achievements of the peoples of the ancient world, a few rocks stuck in a few holes that they desperately try to make older than any other structures found so far.

Even before 9500 BCE a native people lived and traded in a region of Africa that the Arabs have given the name Sahara. It is believed by most “think they know it all’s” that this region of the continent’s climate began to change into what it is today around 1600 BCE as a result of shifts of the Earth on its axis.

Be that as it may, whatever the conditions that caused the northern region of the continent to undergo such a drastic climate change resulted in driving the people who lived in the region south and west.

The Western migration created the civilizations of Put(Libya), Kemet(Egypt), Kush, Kanem, Aksum, and Nubia to name a few whereas the Southern migration created the civilizations of Mali, Songhai, Ghana, Wolof, Nok, Kangaba, and Kumbi Saleh also to name a few.

There is no doubt of it being much earlier African civilizations buried beneath the sands of the Sahara and spread throughout the continent that greatly predate the above-mentioned cultures. Thus you have the reason why white archeologists and historians prefer to be known as Egyptologist and not Stonehenge-tologist.

There are those so-called Egyptologist who wants to somehow stress that ancient Egypt(Kemet) was a melting pot of races, which is absolutely not true as documented in writing by the ancient Egyptians themselves of the great lengths that they took to keep Asians and others from settling in any part of the nation.

It is really an insult for whites to be calling themselves an Egyptologist and doing any type of archaeological and historical work on any other people except their own because of their tenacity to lie and turn the truth inside out for their benefit.

European archeologist and historians and archeologist and historians of European descent should confine their lies to European history and let the people who created the concepts and fundamentals of culture and civilization speak for themselves.

It is sickening to see how prideful some of these “dumb and blind” are in calling themselves Egyptologists, archaeologist, and historians.

These self-proclaimed authorities in one else's heritage and histories do not have the slightest moral fiber and personal integrity to be truthful about anything and blindly ignore every form of evidence that is vigorously slapping them in their silly faces.

And so it is, that holes and rocks, and rocks and holes, are what the mainstream archeologists and historians should confine themselves to.

Mainstream archeologist's are sleepwalking in a dead mindset and dreamers that are rotten to the core.

The understanding and the knowledge of mainstream archeologist's are clamped within their pointed heads and they make a mockery of everything that they put their filthy minds and hands upon.

Mainstream archeologist's have a gift for turning light into darkness and then fill that darkness with compounded ignorance.

White snowflakes are falling down, one calling herself an Egyptologist and the other is calling himself an expert on the Maya.

Both so-called authorities in one else's heritage and histories are reeking with the foul vulgar stench of preconceptions and prejudice.

Both so-called authorities in one else's heritage and histories look and are unable to see.

Both so-called authorities in one else's heritage and histories deliberately place the pieces of a puzzle in backward.

Both so-called authorities in one else's heritage and histories have brains that are tragically absent of a mind.

Both so-called authorities in one else's heritage and histories are pathological liars much deserving of keeping their mouths shut.

Last, but not least, both should confine themselves solely to the study of Stonehenge and leave other cultures alone.

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