Friday, November 25, 2016

My Exasperation in Attempting to Decipher YouTube Video Comments

I have not yet made a comment on any youtube  video that I have watched but I have attempted to read a number of them, which I have found to be a very annoying and frustrating undertaking, to say the least. The majority of people that submit a comment about a particular video do not use proper grammar, letter spacing techniques, sentence structure, or any elementary school level writing skills that will make their comments readable. As a result of this lack of writing skills by the vast majority of youtube video commenters I very seldom read them.

I would like to know the viewpoints of others concerning a particular video that I have watched but in trying to do so by reading the comments on it only gives me a dry mouth. The manner in which so many of these video comments are structured causes me not to want to participate in any of the discussions even on a video that I have formed an opinion about. I am not the greatest in grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure but I do make an effort to compose what I am going to submit in a structure that is understandable and readable.

Here is a comment submitted by Ami Go, on one of the youtube videos.

“..yes truth everything claimed on YT is false and have something behind for ex. Narcissim,selfishness and greed. people like you just talking bad about the others and think them are smart. poor comments everywhere, just doing things to impress themselves.fooled by the radio, television and the nagazins. go bachk in your cave,wise man!”

Now, what in the world is this person attempting to convey?

And here is another comment from a person called Horizon Above and Beyond, on the same youtube video.

“It's astonishing/sad/travesty that nearly ( 99 % Naive/Deceived ) Earth Populace ... are arguing for a concept ( small/insignificant ) . And with these two ( big bang explosion/monkey evolution ) leading the way ... in the ( small/insignificant ) category !! Whether it'll be known/unbeknownst to them as pertaining to ( Globe earth ) ... not to mention look who's behind the "fabrication" ( Satanists) . Conversely debating/rejecting/condemning/mocking an Ideology ( Flat earth ) ... that portrays humanity ( center of creation ) !!!!”

If you understand this comment you can not only jump to the head of the class but also into the teacher’s chair.

The commenters that have submitted the above youtube video comments are not to be offended by my using them as an example of just how difficult I find it to understand the overwhelming majority of comments that are submitted on a youtube video, and if you are offended, I apologize.

Reading and replying to comments is a good way of learning and evaluating your currently held beliefs but if you cannot understand what the commenter is attempting to convey, and need a crystal ball to decipher the commenters writing style and what they are seeking to convey, then reading submitted comments are useless unless you have a thirst to be confused and frustrated.

It is true that many people may write their comments concerning a particular video when they are in an emotional state but even an emotional person should not be so aroused that they are incapable of taking a few seconds to proofread what they have written before submitting it, after all, the comment section of the video is not going to timeout on them in a second or two unless they are using an unstable Internet connection. With that said I will close this b‘cause I do’n want peoples 2 missunderstan me.

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