Friday, November 25, 2016

Sitcom Mamie’s

It goes without saying that nigger jokes are still one of America’s favorite pastimes as shown by how popular they still are within American society. The construction industry is prolific with teamsters of nigger jokers with the television and the movie industry running a close second.

However, the television and movie industries are subtle in the way that they tell their nigger jokes than the construction worker, but the result is the same in belittling other people that are felt to be simple-minded and inferior to the jokers.

One of the subtle approaches to telling a nigger joke that the television industry uses is through commercials and sitcoms. A favorite technique of sitcoms is the use of Mamie niggers to make fun of a specific group of people.

It should be noted that a common definition for the term Mamie is that of a peacemaker, and a creative thinker, and someone who is intellect at heart, which is lost in the stereotypical characterization of a Mamie nigger which is fat, loud, bossy, and is as dark in skin complexion as possible.

Sitcoms, television commercials, and movies rigidly stick to this traditional Mamie nigger stereotype except for the as dark in skin complexion as possible typecast that would make the contempt that they are expressing too “in your face” to the viewers.

But what can be said about someone else making fun of a people when they themselves love to broadcast themselves as being an idiot and a clown in shows like the real housewives of whatever and in other television shows and movies produced by popular negro producers and comedians that love to dress in women’s attire.

The last thing that we as a people need is for men to be dressing as women and men wanting to be women, and certainly not to be broadcasting this perversion over popular media.

It should be noted that homosexuals are a field grade delivery system used to spread the HIV and AIDS virus among other biological agents that are being deployed to decimate the human population, so a man in makeup and a dress is anything but funny if you are aware of what’s going on.

It is good to be able to laugh at oneself and not take everything so seriously, but to constantly broadcast oneself as being a childish savage is not at all funny and sends a misleading message to young people and people who are ignorant of other cultures.

To those who know better, this across the board disparaging and contemptuous caricature of a people are insulting and embarrassing for them to be portrayed that way regardless of who the writers and producers are.

Of course, you cannot fault a person for doing what they must do to get a paycheck so that they can eat, and when a person’s power and influence is limited they must jump as those who have the power and influence tells them to jump.

One of the few television sitcoms that showed the people realistically as being normal human beings was “The Cosby Show”, while all other sitcoms and movies have followed the stereotypical script of portraying the people as being loud, vulgar, child-like buffoons and clowns.

From personal experience, I can say that so-called black individuals and families do not constantly behave in the outlandish ways that they are portrayed as behaving on television shows and movies.

Or, at least, I can say that so-called black individuals and families did not use to behave that way but that it is a growing trend now because the people are allowing themselves to be negatively influenced by what they are constantly seeing and hearing of themselves through music, television, and movies and are willing to make laughingstocks of themselves to draw attraction.

The audience is roaring with laughter at the antics of the sitcom Mamie nigger. In the back of their minds, her buffoonery is painted across an entire group of people as she performs. Many who do not know any better are making a go at it to successfully mimic her foolishness.

Minds that should be striving for elevation are willfully digging themselves deeper into the bowels of the pit because they are laboring for the notoriety and attention that belittles them instead of the attractions that build them up mentally and culturally.

A frog cannot become a prince or a princess by imitating a frog, and a person may know everything there is to know about football and basketball but do not know how to smile, or how to build positive and productive relationships, or how to be uplifting and encouraging and a nation builder with his or her own.

Laugh and joke and play the fool you who want to be seen and heard while those that are laughing at you are relentlessly developing weapons and techniques to annihilate you.

Run up and down the field or the court with a ball in your hands and see how far that gets you when they are lining up the people in front of extermination camps. You have the music but your lyrics are the words spoken right out of the mouths of the enemy and you cannot see how ridiculous of a traitor you are because of the temporary fame and money that they have used to enslave you to them.

You fool yourself into deluding yourself into thinking that they think that you are someone special and refuse to see that they will toss you out with the rest of the garbage when your use to them is over.

A fat bossy loudmouth is a laugh a second and within that same second, another nail has been driven into the coffin of self-incrimination and personal and cultural defacement.

A person who is deliberately kicking him or herself in the behind has nothing to be funny silly about, that person needs help. That person needs a new and better way of thinking about her or his self. That person needs to develop personal respect and dignity for her or his self.

That person needs to view the world in which she or he lives from a different and higher perspective and come out of the straw huts that have enchained their thinking and into the refreshments of a creative, inventive, prosperous, and all for one and one for all mindset.

“Oh, I just love that show. Those girls are so funny and silly and they speak their minds. They don’t take any BS from anybody.” “Oh, I just love that Gorilla in that cage at the zoo. It is so funny and silly and it shows you exactly where it's coming from. It doesn't take any BS from anybody.”

The scale is out of balance. The crippled mind and the confused thinking carries too much weight among the people. They don’t even know how to hate because they target themselves instead of directing their hatred towards those that hate and want to destroy them as a people.

The stereotypical sitcom and movie Mamie nigger is just another weapon in a vast arsenal to carry out the final solution to rid the planet Earth of all so-called black people. The people are mindlessly aiding and abetting their focused and crafty destroyers and will be completely removed from the family of nations in a grand round of applause and laughter.

The broken foot will not be mended and the cut-throat will bleed to death. Sometime in the future someone will discover an old video and laugh themselves into a blissful sleep as they watch the antics of a sitcom Mamie nigger and reflect on how good those days must have been when those now extinct animals were still around to be hated, made fun of, and killed.

The speechless is out of breath and the concerned is mentally and emotionally drained. A person and a people that do not want to help themselves cannot be helped. Voices have been crying out for the people to liberate their minds for centuries and these urgent pleads have fallen onto barren soil (captured minds) because the people want to be in the likeness of another people and be accepted by those that consider them as being just a tad above the nature of an animal, a joke to be laughed at, and who bitterly despise them.

The people who now enjoy the joker’s cocktails and are being given pats on the backs will cringe in pain as biological agents eat their flesh from their bones and turn their bones into heaps of unrecognizable ash. Laugh and hip hop as the shadow of death is creeping up behind you.

The people have no clue as to who and what they are and will not lift a finger to find themselves because we adore those that hate us and despise those that are of us. The Mamie niggers get the applause and are being used as role models while the thinkers and those that have vision are looked down upon.

But it does not even matter because our days as a people is quickly concluding and we will have done our very best to make our end a complete finish.

We so-called black people will not even go down in human history when the books of the nations are rewritten because who can recall the name of a court jester or a person that willfully allowed someone to turn her or him into an unproductive fool?

Why even be troubled with this at all because if chains, and ropes, and beatings, and drownings, and cages, and jails, and prisons, and verbal abuse, and nigger jokes, and pointing fingers with riotous laughter, and human zoos, and police shootings have not made a motivating and uniting impression on the people in these many decades and generations, what will?

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