Friday, November 25, 2016

The Compassionate Mercy of Not Knowing the Exact Date, Moment, And Circumstance of Our Death

Imagine how human societies would be if everyone knew the exact date, moment, and circumstance of his or her death. It goes without saying that the world would be in a more chaotic state than it is now if everyone had this advance knowledge concerning themselves.

Different personalities would handle the knowledge of the exact timeline and circumstance of their death in different ways. Some people will make peace with knowing that on this date, and at this moment, and in this way, they will be dead. Other people will lose their minds because of this advance knowledge, while others will go on a crime and murder spree as the sounding of their death bell approaches.

No one on earth would be safe if each person knew the precise moment and circumstance of her or his departure, and on the other hand, everyone on earth would be safe by knowing the exact time and circumstance of their death because they would know that they are safe to do whatever they please during the time that they have been allotted to abode topside without the fear of an untimely demise.

As shown by human history, humans have never placed a great deal of value on human life so imagine how utterly valueless human life would be if each man and woman on earth knew the precise date, moment, and circumstance of their death?

Of course, there are many instances where a person has known, are do know, the exact date, moment, and circumstance of their death and they have dealt with and are dealing with this knowledge as their personality and temperament avails. A new dynamic is brought into people’s thinking and how they conduct themselves on a civil and social level if every man, woman, and child knew that today is their last day alive, or that tonight they are going to swing high or low sweet chariot as the seconds of being alive ticks away on them. Some people may even try to commit suicide when they know that they only have a month, or a week, or a day, or an hour left to live hoping to make a mockery of their timesheet.

Of course, no one will be able to pull off a successful suicide unless that is the circumstance in which they are to die, and those who are not appointed to check out by suicide will only be engaging in a useless effort because that is not the way that their death has been dictated to come about.

Hope and faith will not disappear under these conditions as people will hope that they are the select few that have accumulated a significant amount of brownie points with the angel of death, and even delude themselves with a faith and a belief that they are some type of chosen person who is set apart from the chopping block at a precise date, moment, and circumstance like everyone else.

Fortunately, mercy prevails in that the norm is that a person is spared the exact knowledge of the date, moment, and circumstance when the angel of death has been foreordained to pay them a surprise visit. Human beings are conceived in death and are allotted a puff of life before returning to their native state. The joke of life is on the living, not for the dead because the dead are not conscious of anything, not even of the worms that are consuming them and turning what was something into everything that is nothing.

It is natural for a person to be afraid of death because the unknown is mysterious and frightening. Religions of all persuasions seek to appease the natural fear of death by promising people hope and faith in nothing whatsoever that will save them from the tentacles of permanent lights out on a specific date, at a fixed time, and under definite circumstances.

So, how considerate it is that mortals are typically spared the knowledge that this will be the very last time that we ourselves will be combing or brushing our hair as we are looking in the mirror, and that within only minutes, our lifeless dead as a doornail body will be taken away for someone else to comb and brush our hair.

The birds are still chirping and the squirrels are still gathering nuts in May. The planet Earth is still revolving around the Sun and the Earth’s sister planet the Moon is still making its circuit around it. Everything is going quite well within the heavens and the cosmos is still full of lights. But your lights and my lights are out like a light never to flicker again because that is just the way of it.

Merciful it is that the exact date, moment, and circumstance of our decease and desist is universally kept hidden from us in these flickering moments between deaths, and no one rests in peace because a sense of peace is predicated on feelings, senses, and emotions which cannot be experienced if a person is as dead as a dumbbell.

The sound of ocean waves breaking along the shore is haunting and lonely at night and gives you a sense of how fleeting and fragile life is. Today and tonight are the end of the world for someone and tomorrow the ocean waves will still be breaking along the shore. The kindest thing given to all human beings is that an exact countdown of their future is not given to them because lawlessness would abide and creativity would be stifled.

So, what is the point of this article? The point of this article is that a small fish is swimming along and with a zap, a larger fish eats it. The point of this article is that a construction worker with twenty minutes to go on a Friday is contemplating how the weekend will be spent and is crushed by a cherry picker, which is what happened to me on a Friday, only I survived the crunch.

The point of this article is that a person goes to bed filled with worries concerning the next day and when morning comes that person is no longer among the living. The point of this article is that the very next second is a mystery and the second before is now history and between those two intervals is where life exists.

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