Friday, November 25, 2016

To keep an open mind, it may or not be wise to toss the entire Bible just because one does not believe that there is a god entity, or if there is a god that the Bible is not the inerrant words of this being, or simply because one believes that the Bible is just another form of mythology, or is only a bunch of made up stories written by a scallywag people that are known as modern day Jews that are claiming to be Hebrews, whatever Hebrews are.

It’s not wise to kiss and tell, or spend your time and energy in gossiping, or to expect that some else should pay your bills, or eating fatty foods when you are already topping the scale. There are many things in this dustbowl that we call physical life to consider to make a beneficial decision as to the way we shall live it.

Jewish god or not it should be noted here that god (Gadre’el, pronounced Godre’el) is the actual name of an extradimensional being having many titles such as Satan, the Bible has many teachings within its pages that can be productively applied to a person’s daily life that can potentially give them insights into how to live with themselves constructively, profitably, and peaceably, and courteously interact with other people.

The belief or disbelief in a god entity is a personal choice and should not be used as a hindrance to gaining wisdom and understanding from any source regardless of whether one’s belief systems opposes the existence of a higher creative being or not.

The Jewish/Christian Bible and the Muslim Koran (Quran) seems to promote human behaviors that are clearly ungodly if the nature of this god entity is tender, loving, steadfast, protective, and gainful, to name just a few wholesome attributes associated with this god in particular and the sustaining source of existence in general. Christians have consistently used the Bible, and Jews have relentlessly used the Torah, and Muslims have dutifully used the Quran to justify enslavement, unprovoked murder, beatings, imprisonments, theft, embezzlement, pilfering, larceny, shoplifting, holdups, burglary, robbery, rape, homosexuality, mutilations, drowning, trespassing, pedophilia, bestiality, incest, professional lying, wholesale disrespect for others, and many more adverse character traits throughout history.

But is discarding the Bible in its entirety justified just because Jewish and Christian elements behave like wild ferocious beasts and their counterpart that believe in the Quran encroach like mindless savages? Perhaps so if you have a mind to go that route. However, the Bible is a workable piece of literature expounding some truths in wisdom in that it employs its readers not to behave like Christians, or Jews, or Muslims throughout its pages and even give hints on how a person can move a tad bit closer to the nature of the eternal cosmos, and for that cause the Bible is worth reading.

All the textbooks in our schools, universities, technical institutions, and colleges are filled from cover to cover with garbage, but should they all be trashed because of this? Perhaps. In general, the average person enjoys to be told a lie, we just simply adore being lied to because a lie is much easier to digest than the truth and believing a lie needs far less thinking than believing the truth because a lie is typically empowered by emotions while the truth demands the employment of cognitive energies to digest and differentiate nonfiction from fiction and facts from fantasies.

Not that very long ago a Billy goat said to a Mountain goat, “Those creatures that called themselves human beings say that they are the direct descendants of apes.” The Mountain goat answered by saying, “I think they may have something there. On the other hand, I personally know a few apes and I can say unequivocally that they consider that association to be insulting, to say the least.”

I will not go into any of the wholesome teachings that are written throughout the Bible because all people know them by heart instinctively as we are beings of darkness and lights knowing genetically the behaviors and thinking that are productive and counterproductive that will enable us to live and grow within society and within ourselves. The Bible is a tool that can be used for both good and wrongdoing.

The Bible wants to be believed without question but whether the Bible is even remotely believable is a question. People who have placed their faith and lives within the words of the Bible are absolutely convinced that it is authentic, realistic, and credible. People who have their doubts about the legitimacy of the Bible go to other sources for faith and belief, even to themselves, for the comfort that mortals (liable to die, and most assuredly will die) so desperately need during this brief flicker of time called physical life.

It is a virtue to be staunch in one’s convictions, but when new pieces of evidence start to shoot holes into your strongly held beliefs it is even better to be flexible because that is how a person is awakened to new enlightenments and personally grow. However, it is not so good either to be so flexible that you fall lame and limp as there should be a balance sought in everything. What does an author or authors of soul-stirring, spine-tingling, thought-provoking, life-changing words and an albatross have in common? Nothing that I can think of right off hand, but who knows there could be something to that.

Human beings are spiritual creatures by nature and even those who profess that they do not believe in anything usually sing a different tune when the grim reaper is pointing its sickle directly at them. Believing in the Bible may seem childish to some people but that which seems foolish to one person may be a life changer to another person. Don’t cast your pearls before hog chitterlings unless you want dry rot to set in.

I have read portions of the Bible where I feel energized and uplifted after doing so, even those chapters where entire villages of men, women, and children and even the domestic animals have been ruthlessly slaughtered, and I can justify this feeling of encouragement after reading of such brutal massacres by telling myself that god has complete sovereignty over life and death.

Even so, one cannot help but ask oneself what in the hell type of god is this that has allowed disorder and confusion to gain such a reigning stronghold in its domain? If the Bible is merely made up then the answer to that question is perfectly clear, but if an all-powerful entity does exist and is in control of beings and worlds then the answer to that question is one of life’s greatest mysteries.

On a clear day, a male Duck-billed Platypus calmly asked a female Duck-billed Platypus, “What are you reading?”, at which the female Duck-billed Platypus sharply answered the male Duck-billed Platypus by saying, “None of your Duck-billed Platypus’s business!” The evening and the morning are the next day. At present, everyone is free to believe or disbelieve whatever she or he wants but a time is coming when the exercise of freedom of choice and thinking will be under the control of an unknown someone else.

However, for a massive number of people this relinquishment of the command and the controls of their person to an unknown other will be a wonderful relief to them because they would rather be led no matter where they are being taken so long as they can feel good about it. This lackadaisical attitude is the dominating sentiment of most people today who are willing to be led wherever they are being taken so long as they have their cell phones and a means to charge it and one thousand or more channels of pictures and music on their entertainment system.

Since the Bible was introduced there have been people in every generation who have felt that it had become outdated and is no longer relevant to their modern society. Even so, there also have been those people from generation to generation who have been steadfast in calling on the name of Gadre’el (Godre’el, god, Satan) which is fitting because Gadre’el is the god of this world and has been so from the very beginning. Since the Bible claims to be the infallible word of god (Gadre’el, Godre’el) then there should not be a problem with keeping a copy of it even if for nothing other than a bookend and not discarded it for cosmetic reasons.

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