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Why Aren’t So-called Black People as Creative and Inventive as People of European Descent and Orientals?

As one views the annuals of human history for the past one thousand or so years there is an obvious great discrepancy in the creativeness and inventiveness of so-called black people opposed to people of European descent and Orientals, why is this? Barring psychological and physiological defects of the brain, cognitive neuropsychologist has found no distinction between how the human brain is structured and how it performs its various functions between the different groups of people on planet Earth.

So if brain structure and how it performs its various functions is not the culprit for this discrepancy in inventiveness between so-called black people and the above-mentioned groups, then what is it?

Some scientists have recently claimed that they have discovered that human imagination comes from a neural network that spreads across a large area of the brain: view this article Scientists-discover-brain-allows-humans-imagine-think-creatively for more details. While other scientists have dismissed this, it is something to ponder nonetheless. Of course, the gospel of evolutionists is that the human cognitive abilities to be creative, imaginative, and inventive are a product of natural selection.

View this article on the evolutionist viewpoints associated with human creativity and inventiveness: creativity-the-brain-and-evolution. So what these two articles seem to be saying is that at present there are no definitive answers as to where creativity, imagination, and inventiveness is produced in the human brain.

Since the Ph.D's and scholarly papers skull bones of modern science do not have a viable consensus for the discrepancy between the creative and inventive abilities of people of European descent and Orientals and that of so-called black people, I as a layman will present a few unscholarly arguments for consideration on this mystifying enigma. My arguments are based upon some knowledge and understanding of recent human history, a dab or two of guesswork (intuition), and a rudimentary understanding of myself.

So why aren’t so-called black people as creative and inventive as people of European descent and Orientals? In the short history of the United States of America one can venture down a long list of so-called black inventors that have contributed to the technical advancements of this nation, but as far as we know these inventors are a handful of imaginative brains atop a massive uninspired, noncreative unintelligent human heap.

There are many so-called intellectual black women and men that one can attempt to communicate with today, but by and large, this endeavor is frustrating and nearly impossible because a little schooling and a good job have ballooned their dimwits into one of being unattainable in gaining access to a reachable state that is conducive to rational and respectful communications.

Which bring us to point one. A person who believe that they know it all and look down on others as being intellectual inferiors to them are unteachable and have stymied off their creative and imaginative potentials into a mysterious wonderland because they have reached the top of their mountain, which is really a molehill, and have closed their minds to everything that is not related to themselves personally.

This type of personality is not worthy of any more mention than they have already been given because people such as this are like parrots repeating what they have been spoon-fed by society and cannot, and do not want to break out of those social bonds that have so thoroughly encased their minds into a condition of semi-intellectual stupidity.

Another consideration as to why aren’t so-called black people as creative and inventive as people of European descent and Orientals is the nature of the human mind, i.e., spiritual cognitive sensibilities versus material cognitive sensibilities.

There can be little doubt that a materialistic mindset is more creative and imaginative than a spiritual mindset. The materialistic mindset is motivated by personal greed and the lust for earthly power, whereas, the spiritual mindset is motivated by a need to be in harmony with Earth nature and cosmic influences.

Greed and worldly lust generate inventiveness for the purposes of gaining control over one’s and then everyone else’s environment at the expense of everything and anything that comes into its path. Cosmic consciousness seeks to ascend to a higher level of cognitive abilities by becoming more and more in tune with spheres of universal energies opposed to pursuing an abundance of material possessions.

So what does the previously stated arguments mean? Well, it could well mean that the material is just an ambiguous shadow and a dim reflection of the true nature of realities and being as such it is far easier to obtain carnal knowledge in this physical sphere of realities that the terrestrial planet Earth resides.

Of course, the physical Earth is merely a reflection of the true Earth, this is to say that this planet and everything and everyone on it is an image reflected in a mirror, so to speak, of the true or real celestial orb. This also suggests that what the materialists have to labor to imagine and invent the spiritually animated cognitive mind can bring into being simply by thinking it if the individual has reached that state of consciousness's maturity in her or his cosmic development.

Unfortunately, the orbs of higher consciousness’s want to mimic the materialist’s ground-based endeavors with the net result of this decision being the crippling of the growth and development of their True Earth cognitive capabilities.

Now many people will attribute this vast discrepancy in the creative and inventive energies of so-called black people opposed to people of European descent and Orientals as being the negative consequences of social and financial injustices and the indoctrination of alien religions and worldly doctrines into the fabrics of lighter than air mindsets, which are all valid arguments.

However, I would submit that a lack of personal and collective vision and purpose is as much, and even far more of a malefactor in engendering lackluster imaginations as any of the above-mentioned culprits. When an individual or a group of individuals have no vision to attain to higher elevations of life they will not be motivated to create and invent things. And if an individual or a group of individuals do have a vision of higher standards of living but have no directed goals and committed purposes in obtaining the vision then that vision is rendered null and void because it lacks an engine to drive it.

Now it can likewise be said that exchanges, cooperation, collaboration, encouragement, and support are also important keys to success. It is impossible for an individual or a group of individuals to be creative and inventive when they are spending so much of their energies fighting against themselves.

Another factor that should be considered in addressing the bewildering question of why aren’t so-called black people as creative and inventive as people of European descent and Orientals is the question of individual and collective priorities. A top athlete does not create nor invent anything, they are merely muscles and sweat in a public arena. A rap star only defiles and degrade his and her people with their debasing musical lyrics, to the joy and delight of their overseers.

Television and movie stars are just puppets on strings that do what they are told to do by the studio moguls. A fashion model is a mindless body on parade that really only needs to be fed and watered to keep it animated. All of the above listed are entertainers that are captured and branded by their owners and they cannot create and invent anything because they are not allowed to think, just perform as directed.

So what do the above statements mean? Well, they could possibly mean that to be creative, imaginative, and inventive a person must see themselves as being much more than simply dirt and water charged by electrochemical pulses. If a child’s role model is sand and shale, then that is what will inspire them.

However, if a child’s role models are thinkers then that is what will inspire them and they will imagine creating the next big inventions or discovering hidden secrets and will work toward achieving their goals just as diligently as a sand and shale inspiration will have a child banging the sidewalk with a basketball.

So why aren’t so-called black people as creative and Inventive as people of European descent and Orientals? As far as brain matter and cognitive abilities go there is no difference between peoples, so the answer has to be within the realms of vision, priorities, role models, encouragement, and support. Many great inventors were at odds with the society in which they lived so to lay the blame solely on social injustices is a fatal tactic of scapegoating.

In this material driven world, no one is going to give you anything and if they do harsh restrictions and guidelines are going to be attached to it. The football star told the inventor, “I am amazing. I can run from goal to goal with this ball.”

The inventor answered the football star by saying, “I invented the goals, the ball, the protective gear that you are wearing, the coolant that you are drinking, the first aid kit that you need if you are injured, the money that you are being paid, the artificial grass that you are running on, the shower and the toilet that you use in the locker room and the lockers, the mirror and the cosmetics that you use for personal grooming, and I designed the clothes that you wear and the stadium that you play in, just for starters.”

I remember that when I was in my early twenties I did a lot of thinking about coming up with a money-making invention. I even got into contact with a guy from Great Britain that I used to run some of my ideas by. Horribly my quest to be the next Elijah McCoy: Elijah McCoy, took a drastic nosedive when I became addicted to crack cocaine.

Over the years I have not lost my desire to invent something big but have allowed many nonessentials to distract me from my goals and purposes. Even now I have submitted a monitoring system outline for review that is designed to monitor the very instance of a person’s death outside of medical facilities so that the appropriate elements can be alerted to remove the body.

My "Is Alive Monitor" is designed for people who are stay-at-homes that have very few to no visitors coming by to check in on them, and lone adventurers who die so that their bodies can be discovered promptly and they may escape the indignity a smell of decomposing where they have fallen.

My "Is Alive Monitor" can also be used by military personnel that is on special missions that require them to work alone as well as skin divers and so forth. The purpose of my idea is for a person to be apprised personal dignity even in death and not decay like a stray animal in the forest out of sight and out of mind.

So the reasons why so-called black people aren’t as creative and inventive as people of European descent and Orientals is definitely a brain issue, but not in structure and function, but in thinking.

There are many past and present so-called black creators and inventors but you seldom hear of them because they are a secret that our rulers want to keep hidden from us as all that our overlords want to have us aware of is the ape side of human nature, which is why they so heavily promote it and hold up their joy boys and giggly girls as splendid examples of their theory of evolution.

As I have mentions these are my personal unlearned opinions on this perplexing question as to why aren’t so-called black people as creative and Inventive as people of European descent and Orientals?

It should be noted with emphasis that this enigma of lackluster achievements in creativeness and inventiveness by so-called black people was not always the case, and the factors that brought about this elusive change in the thinking of the children of Blazing Celestials Fires (the ebony goddess that breathed forms and energies into existence) is a mystery in and of itself which is beyond the scope of this article.

Now then, what have we surmised from this unprofessional article?

One: That lacking mental and health issues, all people have the same skull tools needed to achieve the full range of creative, imaginative, and inventive intellectual capacities that are housed within the slush materials of the human brain.

Two: Adverse social and economic factors do play a part in education, exposure to diverse ideas, and inspiring the imagination.

Three: The higher the goals and dreams (vision) the higher the zest for achievements and the lower the goals and dreams (vision) the lower is the ambition to achieve.

Four: encouragement and support are like oil in an engine keeping the gears lubricated.

Five: Bad choices and decisions can pull the rug from under the rug and shatter all dreams and ambitions.

Six: There is no such thing as dark matter. I don’t know where that came from but anyway.

Seven: Determination, steadfastness, patience, and endurance are all key factors in being creative and inventive, in other words, don’t give up because failures will surely come during experimentations, so keep on working at it. The results may not be the outcome that you were striving for but it will be an achievement if in nothing else an increase in your knowledge and understanding that can be used to make a go at it again from a different angle of approach.

Eight: So-called black people were not always in the shabby state that we now find ourselves in. We became self-satisfied and stuck our collective heads in the sand like an Ostrich allowing new boys and girls on the block to roll over us like happy steamrollers on a holiday vacation.

Nine: If we as a people do not stand up for ourselves and come to our own aid and assist anytime soon there will be no need to concern ourselves with anything because the current rulers of this world and their minions are hell in a hot fry pan bent on destroying this planet and everything on, above, and within it.

Ten: No one can transform you into something that you do not want to be without the use of an external force such as fear, intimidate, or some form of chemical or electrical stimuli. A person can only be brainwashed if their core is shattered (their individuality and sense of being) that makes them an easy prey to the mechanisms of mind manipulations.

Ignorance also plays a gigantic part in the tactics of brainwashing because if a person does not comprehend that they are under attack they are very assessable to mind altering intrigues. In order for an individual or group of individuals to gain the mastery of your mind you have to be a participant in their agenda, whether consensually or unknowingly.

Now the burden of proof is not on me for anything that I have stated in this brief article because I stipulated from the start that my credentials on this topic are layperson based. The proof of what I have submitted can easily be found throughout scientific publications, scientific documentaries, and mainstream media broadcasts which must be taken with a Dead Sea mouth of salt because they are completely controlled and scripted by the powers that be.

So why aren’t so-called black people as creative and Inventive as people of European descent and Orientals? At face value, there seems to be something flawed and shoddy within the brain matter of so-called black people, but we have seen that this assumption is woefully unfounded and laughably inaccurate.

Therefore, if behaving like a loud vulgar dumbbell is touted as being an acceptable expression of maturity and intellect, then losers take all. But if sophistication, self, communal, and culture awareness and mutual respect, decency and consideration of others, especially your own, are reasonable expressions of maturity and intellect, then creativeness and inventive are such to follow.

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